Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Booked tight

Ok so I have my surgery scheduled. It will be on Feb 5th. I don't know what time because that part gets scheduled with the surgery center based on availability of operating rooms and stuff so that part comes a little closer to the day. But in the meanwhile I have been making a lot of appointments for things that I have kinda been procrastinating on. That and for a few things that I need to do but won't be able to after the fact.(or not for a little while at least depending on recovery and such) So this is what my schedule looks like until than:

Thu 22nd: 8:30pm Teaching with the elders
Fri 23rd: 9:30 am pre-op appt for my surgery
4-10pm EMT refresher course UCLA(so I keep my certification current)
Sat 24th: 8am-6pm EMT refresher course UCLA
Sun 25th: 8am-6pm EMT refresher course UCLA
Mon 26th: Weight watchers meeting at 12:15
4-10pm EMT refresher @ UCLA
Tues 27th: Disneyland with a friend
Weds 28th:
Thurs 29th:
8:30am dentist appt.
1:30 pm taking elders to lunch
This is also my brother in law's bday... don't know if doing a dinner or anything
Fri 30th: 7pm?? Wii activity at church
Sat 31st: 4pm Julie Beck fireside in Camarillo but going early for meeting
Sun 1st: Fast Sunday at church
Mon 2nd: 1pm lunch with a friend
Tues 3rd: 10:40am eye doctor appt
Weds 4th:
Thu 5th:

So as you can see there are only 2 openings left and that doesn't mean stuff won't come along and fill those days up too before than! Boy am I glad I bought and carry a small calander with me now so I can make sure I don't double book myself! I am that popular you know!

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  1. Heck yes, you are popular!

    Man, I so wish I could go with you to Disneyland! I need to schedule a trip home sometime before my pass expires in April. You'd be good to go sometime in March, right? Are there any holidays in March?