Friday, January 23, 2009

PT = Stress

Ok so I've already talked about how busy my life is right now as I get ready for surgery... and it continues to be so, in fact I even learned today that my EMT class this weekend is further away from my home than I originally anticipated which does not make it much more exciting to have to be there until 10pm tonight and back at 8am tomorrow~~ then again at 8am on Sun and 4-10 again Mon! But I will survive!! I have to! But I did hear that the teacher is kinda a softy and will let us have breaks and stuff and they are willing to let people retest if you mess up on skills or something so that you pass! So that is good! Even though I have been working in the field and stuff and been through refresher classes before I am still paranoid that I won't pass the class! So we shall see! It will be nice once it is over!

So on another note I had my pre-op appointment today. That went pretty well. Adam is really sweet and I got my questions answered and so I am more confident now! But I am stressing about the whole physical therapy part of my rehab! Last year when they sent me for PT after my surgery it was a few weeks post-op because I wasn't recovering as fast as was anticipated. They sent me to a place in Van Nuys. It wasn't my favorite environment. The therapist kinda made me feel a little awkward. Then there was the fact that it was 17 miles each way for me to go so the gas and stuff was no fun! So I will be having a lot of PT this surgery too, but I will be starting it the week after my operation. but I know I won't be driving much yet (if at all) because I know I will be wearing a locking knee brace and it will be a little difficult to get in and out of the driver side of the car. So I will need a ride. Now with my mom watching my nephews I don't want her to have to drive with them out there for me to be there for an hour or hour and half or whatever and have to wait for me! I don't want to drive that far either. Now according to my orthopaedic office that is who I have to go to because of my insurance.... according to my insurance that is where I have to go to because of my primary medical group. According to my primary medical group that is where I have to go because of my insurance! But nobody seems to care about the inconvenience or pain it causes for a patient to go that far post-op!!! Or the fact of how it's going to affect not just me but my family or whom-ever I get to give me rides there probably 3x a week!!! UGH that's all I have to say about that! I don't understand why they have to send me there when there are plenty of PT offices here in simi~ I wouldn't even mind going to Moorpark or Thousand Oaks! At least they are closer and it would be less of a problem for my mom because she could go see a friend or someone in the meanwhile! So I am a little stressed right now! I wish I knew how to get everyone on the same page and more local! Anyway! I don't want to shed any more tears about that! So I am going to end and go try and find something for lunch!! And pack something for later for dinner! Since on top of everything else I am broke and can't afford anything!

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  1. That stinks about location problems. I agree--why can't you just go somewhere closer? But on the plus side, at least you have insurance, eh? Good luck with your classes--you'll do great!