Tuesday, February 3, 2009

paperclip retainer

Ok so maybe I was a weird kid... and maybe I haven't completely grown out of it but oh well. When I was little I don't know if it was because of jealousy or what but I wanted to have a retainer. So from time to time I would open a paperclip and I would bend it to fit around my teeth and pretend it was a retainer. Now I don't really recall for how long I would "wear" my retainer or how often I constructed myself a retainer but I do remember doing it. I remembered those days this morning after I had awaken. Last week I went to the dentist and it was a really good appointment overall. He said despite my not being to any dentist in awhile my teeth and gums were really good. They didn't bleed during my cleaning (which was only a general cleaning not a deep cleaning) and overall like I said it went well. But he did tell me there is evidence that I grind or clench my teeth most likely while sleeping and so he wants me to wear a night guard. Knowing I had seen them at my local Target, or Wally World etc I said ok I will get one. Nothing to it. Well the tech or whomever said they would make me one that would be fitted better than the store ones etc. I asked the cost.... $350!!! OUCH!! I informed her that at this time I cannot afford that and even though they don't recommend them I would use the generic one. So I picked one up yesterday at Wally World. It was a much more reasonable price of $18.87 or something like that. I also compared the 2 options they had to see which looked more comfy and chose the one that I would be able to mold to my teeth. So last night I boiled and bit and molded my new mouth guard. It's a little different but I kept it in all night. I did manage to get it molded pretty well I think since it does "lock" onto my teeth like it is supposed to. SO I don't think for now that I need the $350 version. It did say on the box that with proper care it can last for like 6 months. Hopefully it does and maybe by the time I need a new one I can afford a custom one. Well anyway that reminded me of my "retainer" days!

As I thought about my paperclip retainer days I remembered other things I used to make. I guess in a way I was always the kid making stuff. I used to cut wire coat hangers and bend and twist them into a kinda long L shape that was the perfect size for my Barbie who needed crutches because she would break her leg. She had a blue cast which was actually a shoelace wrapped around her leg. I can remember it like it was yesterday! She had a broken R leg! I don't know why I didn't become an inventor! Although I do have a really cool idea that I think would be very useful for the EMS profession and I know that the couple people I talked to about it at work agreed it would be a good invention and I even talked to our director of operations who gave me a few ideas how it would be better and he said that if I did do it and manufacter it he would purchase them for our company. Only problem is I don't have the supplies or money to make it.... hmmph!


  1. OK I thought I was the only one who had a "paperclip" retainer? That is too funny!! I always wanted a retainer and I always wanted crutches which I know that your the first one who would say "No you don't!" You make me laugh!!

  2. I've had an adjuster, a retainer, braces, rubber bands, a headgear, and probably should get a mouthguard too since I clench my teeth. Trust me people, you do not want teeth problems.

    But that's great about the inventions. I have about 50 different inventions I'm just waiting to do--some of which I think might actually catch on--so someday when we have enough money, maybe we can make them all together!