Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Press 1 for English

Ok so I obviously have been on disability for awhile with my knee injury and surgery and stuff... This has been interesting to me for awhile now but I haven't written about it yet.... until now..... so when I call the disability office to find out whether they've processed my check or what have you there's a recording. It says something along the lines of "thank you for calling the state disability office.... yadda yadda yadda." Than she says something in spanish "hola......" where one would assume it would be giving the spanish extension or instructions or what have you. So then she says "if you'd like to hear the message in english press 1" (So at this point I press 1.....but if I don't push 1 right away it does continue in spanish and says something that I think is "press 2 for spanish") after pressing 1 I get a message that says "we have a toll free number for our spanish speaking customers the number is @@@-@@@-@@@@." Ok so why would I want them to give me the number for spanish speaking if I already pressed 1 for english??? That's all I want to know? Especially since they'd already said something in spanish so wouldn't they be better off giving the number than?? Not that I have any problems with the spanish speaking population I just wonder how many would press 1 for english expecting to hear the number for spanish???


  1. Yeah, that doesn't make much sense. What's the number? I can call it and try to figure out what they're saying in Spanish (That's be funny if it were, "If you want to hear the number to call for the Spanish line, please press one, then listen to the number in English").

  2. LMBO!! I'm sorry but thats hilarious! And yes, a lot of offices are pretty much dumb that way!! haha....

    that stinks...

    SMILE!!! =D

    love- V