Friday, February 6, 2009


Yesterday morning bright and early (actually it was early but not so bright) I went in for my operation! First off I muist say I was quite pleased when they didn't tell me at check in that I have a $1500 deductible to pay. I know it's supposed to be an annual thing but I think its cal;andar year not based on services. Whatever the reason I hope I don't get a bill for it! I went in and they had me change into the lovely gown and stuff. I got an IV and saw the anesthesiologist came in and talked to me. Then Dr Davis came in. He stamped my leg with a "YES" so I knew they would operate on the right leg (well actually the left leg) he asked if I had any questions and I didn't. I was ready to go. Life was good, considering I was about to have an operation. So then the anesthsiologist came back and gave me something in my IV to start the process. I was taken to the operating room. Before I went in they had taken my glasses off. so I was blind. When I was being rolled into the room I could see someone sitting in there but couldn't tell who. I guess I was squinting (as most people do when they can't see without glasses or contacts) and he said "it's me Adam" so I said hi. (Adam is Dr Davis' physicians assistant) so then they had me scoot over to the table I put out my left arm on the thing and they got me one for my right arm. Then they were putting the oxygen mask on me and I asked if Adam was still there so he came over and said yes. I asked him if I was going to get a photo CD from the surgery again and he said yes and that they would go over it with me and explain the images. I told him they didn't do that last time and he was like "we didn't?" I said no and he said this one would be much more exciting anyway. That was the last thing I remember until I was in the recovery room. Where I didn't want to wake up. But that isn't as exciting a story! I was telling R about this last night and said I should blog it and she agreed. She said it was definately a unique to me story. I wasn't asking surgical questions I wanted to see the surgery first hand! :) THats where my priority was! Anyway all went well and I am sore. THe pain meds put me to sleep which is a first, I usually can handle meds pretty well. But not this time. Anyway I have to get back to elevating and icing!


  1. Elevating and icing--that sounds SOOOO exciting. :o)

    If it were me, I would've been like, "So you're sure I'll never see anything you're doing down there with my knee, right? No cell phone pictures or anything? Because I'd vomit if I did."


  2. I am so glad that it went well. You are always in our prayers. Hope the recovery is not too bad. Love Ya!

  3. Hey, sorry, I haven't been online lately, having that laptop has no life and literally.

    But just so you know, your in my prayers, I'm glad everything went well on your surgery! Your amazing!

    Love ya-