Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's time.....

Well I am pretty close to going to bed and when I get up I have a surgery to look forward to! It seemed like this day was so far away and now it seems like it came too soon! To tell the truth I am not too worried about the surgery. But I am a little worried about the recovery! I am not looking forward to the brace or the 2 weeks I have to keep my L leg dry, or the physical therapy~ But I am excited for the long term part of the recovery. The time in like 6 months when I can hopefully walk again without the aid of crutches or cane, when I can bend my knee and kneel for prayers (well that may take longer actually) When I can start looking forward to working again! When life is improving and I feel "normal" again! When I can be active and feel alive! Anyway I forgot my other thoughts I had when I planned to blog! But I do want to say thanks to everyone for your prayers and thoughts and stuff! I know this is going to continue to be a trial in my life but it will hopefully be a blessing in the long run when I am better overall!

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  1. When you can stand in line for hours again like everyone else at Disneyland... Blast, I'll miss that wheelchair!


    I know the other benefits far outweigh that, however, so I'm really glad you got the surgery (because by now it's over) and that it went well and you are now on the road to recovery!