Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hide a Rock

Ok so I have another surgical day story! We had to be at the surgical hospital at 6:20am and my sister Rhonda leaves for work around 8am. My mom had told me she would drop me off and stay with me until I went in for the surgery then come home to be with my nephews and since my Dad was in the hopital at the time she would bring them with her to come back and get me after the surgery. I told her that because of signing the discharge paperwork and risk of infection and so forth they probably wouldn't let her come into the recovery room and stuff with my nephews. So we had called my sister Deann to come over and be with the boys until my mom got home with me. SO in the pre-op room my mom got a text from Deann. She was at the house but hadn't brought her keys for our house with her and Rhonda wasn't answering the door. She tried calling her cell phone but she wasn't answering that either (Deann didn't know Rhonda leaves it in her purse in the front room) Deann didn't want to call Rhonda's house line because she didn't want to wake Isaiah (but Rhonda turns the ringer off on that phone anyway so that wouldn't have mattered or been effective either) I told my mom to tell Deann to look in the hide a rock for the house key. My mom said "we don't have a hide a rock" so I said I know thats why it's funny to tell her that. SO she did.... Deann's response was "where the heck* (*edited) do we have a hide a rock?" and I told my mom to tell her it is hidden. So she did..... Deann's next response was "ha ha very funny I am freezing!" anyway she went to her car or something to stay warm until eventually Rhonda got up and she was able to get in the house! Anyway I thought I was pretty clever and funny in the moments that could've been a stressful time for me as I prepared for surgery!!!

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