Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ok so on Mon night I was still pretty sore with the recent surgery and all and I opted to not attend FHE in my ward. I had been to the dr that morning and gettting in and out of the car is a little tricky with my knee completely straight. Plus I didn't want to go up the stairs into the building used and the fact that they frequently play sports in FHE and I cannot currently do that either. Anyway I was at home on the couch with my cold unit on my knee and such. I had known that one of the missionaries in my ward was being transferred on Tues and they said they'd probably stop by between 7:30 and 8 so he could say goodbye to my family. It was getting close to 9 and I thought "I guess they aren't coming by" then there was a knock at the door.... someone answered it and I heard a guys voice saying something about whether or not I was awake and available to receive some gifts? I was thinking to myself "why would the missionaries bring me a gift?" anyways a member of my ward came in the house and he brought me several hearts and cards signed by ward members! They decided to do heart attacking in FHE that night and chose me as a recipient!!! I felt so loved! I received so many and I planned to take a picture to post and to post some of what they said (since some were kinda funny and stuff) but that will have to come later! ANyway it was nice to know I am loved!

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