Monday, March 9, 2009

Kid Talk....

So you can try and fight this all you want (but you'll lose) I have the cutest nephews ever!!! Just so you know.... anyways I will try and post pictures or videos soon but I have to tell you how cute they really are! So my nephew Elijah (who is 2 1/2 now) likes to hide in my closet. Now I don't have closet doors and so there is a curtain over my closet. He likes to go behind the curtain right in the middle and pull it together in front of him. So the other night I was going into my room for something and right as I was walking into my room I hear him say my name. (actually he only says "nay") so instead of turning on my light and doing or getting whatever I came for I hid in the closet behind the curtain. He started saying "nay er are you?" (he doesn't really say where either) my sister said "she's in her room" and he opened the door and didn't see me and left again. (the hall light was on giving him some light in my room, but you have to actually come in a little to see the closet) so I heard him going up and down the hall repeatedly saying "nay er are you?" my sister kept saying I was in my room and he kept peeking just from the door and not seeing me. So after several minutes I made a noise or something so that he came further into my room and found me. He thought it was so funny that he hid in the closet too! But I wish I would've made a voice note on my phone of him saying "nay er are you?"......

Story #2 So Elijah loves money (which who doesn't really?) so he is always looking for money. Anyways he always has change (if you leave it out and he sees it... it's his) so one day I gave him a zippered coin pouch thingy. He somehow started calling it his purse. So my mom was saying that we need to get him a "wallet" since he is a boy and shouldn't be saying purse... I say he's 2 big deal especially since it's a coin purse not an actual purse! Anyway the other night we were at the 99 cents store and they had some of the little vinyl kids wallets. There was an Elmo one and so I asked Elijah if he wanted an Elmo wallet for his money. He of course said yes. So I was opening it up to make sure it was good and not ripped or anything and I noticed there is no zippered area for coins, and so I said "there's no coin thingy" and he said the funniest thing (it was funny because I'm not sure where he got it and I'd never heard him say it before) so after I acknowledged the lack of coin area he says "oh my gosh"..... I was laughing so hard! Not only was it unexpected and in perfect timing he said it so cute!!!! He has the cutest little voice!!! I need to voice note him saying that as well because it's so darn cute!!! Oh my gosh!

My nephew Isaiah (who will be 1 on the 24th) on the other hand for several months now has been growling!! It is so cute... one night I was in my room getting ready for bed when I heard a knocking/scratching at my door. Thinking it was my dog wanting to come in and go to bed also I started towards the door when I noticed a tiny little hand under the door! It was so cute.... anyways I made a video of him scratching at the door and putting his hand under. Than I opened it and continued to video him playing around a little bit. I got a 9 min video and tried to get him to growl without any real success. Than guess what..... of course when the camera stopped rolling guess who started growling at me... little fart-head!!! He is way cute too and has curly hair!!! His curls are way cute now but he will probably hate it when he is older!

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  1. Kids are funny. I think half the time I laugh at them it's just because they're cute little kids. If they were older, it wouldn't be funny at all.

    That's way cute though. You're lucky to have some kids around (even though I know it's not always a bunch of laughs).

    Hope you made it to physical therapy on time!