Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walk around the block

I decided the other night that I wanted to start attempting to walk in the evening before I do my exercises. That way I would still be icing my knee afterwards. I could walk as much as I can tolerate (which isn't a lot) and come home do my bike and all my other stretches and stuff than ice like normal. That way I wouldn't be increasing the swelling and pain without ice because it's before everything anyway. So tonight I decided to do it for the first time. My nephew Elijah wanted to go so he got all ready and into the stroller (which was kinda beneficial too because then I kinda had something for a little extra support) so I had thought I would walk to the corner and around the track. That way I wasn't ever too far from home and I could more easily judge my distance I travel (one lap = 1/4 mile) but I was alone tonight with Elijah and even though I brought a flashlight I didn't want to go to the track since it isn't lit. Maybe if another adult was with me. SO I was walking around the block on the sidewalk. A few houses down from me I noticed some changes that were made to the front of a house I used to be at a lot as a kid. That house holds a lot of memories, my little kindergarten boyfriend was there!! They had a tangerine tree and he would pick them, he would peel it and share it with me. Also around that time in school we did the nursery rhyme "hey diddle diddle" as a play. He was the dish and I was the spoon...we ran away together at the end! I thought how sad it was that I never noticed before the changes made to the house! I felt kind of guilty that I don't know my neighbors like I did as a kid.

I continued my walk, I got to the corner and I thought about the lady I see walking to or from the bus stop all the time. I know she rents a room at that house and I never seem to see her when I can offer her a ride... around the corner I pass a house that I always knew belonged to Mrs Tyra. She was a substitute teacher and I always thought she was really nice, I enjoyed her substituting especially because I knew she was kinda my neighbor. (I've since learned she is also LDS) a few more houses down and I remembered some friends I used to play with and the house behind ours, where we would have to go if we ever threw a ball over the fence. Than as I continued I passed Mickey Jones' house. He is/was an actor. He would frequently guest appear on Home Improvement. He also did the local GM dealership commercials way back when. I think my sister knocked on his door once and asked for his autograph, he gave her a signed headshot. I haven't seen him around town lately, but he still has the truck in the driveway from the commercial way back when... A few more houses and there was the house where my aunt used to live when I was younger. My family and her don't really talk much anymore, my cousin Trevor must be about 10 by now at least! I miss them!

Then to the next corner.... I remember this house was the one we would go to as kids to look for lizards. They ran around in their brick fence a lot more than other places it seemed. It was fun trying to catch the lizards. I thought about some of the people I know on some of the other streets in the area, remembering sleep overs and Halloween experiences. Then up and around the corner again I remember the family that lived at that corner house... I remember a picture of me and their girls in a rocking chair. I don't remember their names though. Then there are the Blau's. They've lived down the street as long as I remember. we had 4 girls and they had 4 boys. I remember they had this ride on train toy! I loved that thing! I was so jealous! They are still there but we don't hang out much anymore!

Next to them used to live an elderly lady, she had this weird plant bush stuff in front of her house and there used to be rumors about how she would hide toys in it for us kids. I was always too scared to look though, and now there are no weird bush things. Not that any toys would've survived this long. Than the old Ortiz house! Wow there were some memories there! Those girls and my sisters and I took different roads in life as we got older. They all had kids really young and stuff. I see them around town from time to time! I remember all 3 of them and all my sisters and myself got on my mom's hammock at once... it broke.... mom wasn't too happy about it! Their dad used to tease me about my name all the time. He would ask me what it was claiming to have forgotten it. I would tell him "Renee" and he would say "one egg?" and I'd be like "no" and he'd be like "two eggs?" Anyways I always thought it was weird he couldn't get my name right.... now it's kinda funny to me!

Another house full of memories... Maxine's old house!! I miss her. She was like a grandma to me! My grandma died when I was little and I spent a lot of time with Maxine. Helping her out and stuff. I remember writing about her for some school assignment and it being published in a book of the best entries. I have that book somewhere! I remember after the earthquake being so scared because she wouldn't answer when we knocked on her door and windows! She couldn't find her glasses and was afraid! We still see her daughter and stuff! Than there is right next door... many memories from there! There was a family there when we were little! We are still friends with them! Than there was a few other people and now we talk with those next door but we are not as close as we could be! It still surprises me after my walk how many of my neighbors I knew than and how few I know now! All those memories of so many houses and so many faces and families! What a journey~!

It was a 20 minute walk around the block for me, but it took me years! I think it was a little bit farther than I would have liked to walk, for my knee, but I am glad I went anyway. There is so much to be thankful for! I am glad I went around the block tonight and not to the track. What an experience I would've missed out upon had I skipped it! I am glad where my life is now, and I am glad where I am headed but there are times I sure miss the "good ol days"

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  1. Wow. That was a beautiful entry. Thank you.

    PS. I am SHOCKED you had a boyfriend in kindergarten. ;o)