Monday, April 6, 2009

Olives in the garden

So this last week was a really fun one for me! On Weds my twin Renee came home for a brief visit. She flew in on Weds morning and we went to lunch and hung out a little bit. After that we went to her mom's school to surprise her. Her mom thought she was flying in on Thurs morning but instead for April Fools she came earlier. (Actually it was planned for the first originally but she told her mom the 2nd and gave her "fake" flight info, that was actually info for a real thurs flight) So after that she hung out with her mom and her family for the night while I came home and made a ramp to use for an electric wheelchair I borrowed. On Thurs she, her parents and I went to Disneyland. We had a lot of fun together! It was a chilly day but I think that is way better than it being super hot. With the only exception is avoiding the water rides because of the temperature outside.

Than on Fri, my mom, Renee, her cat Anya and I drove to Utah. I have always loved road trips! It's way exciting to listen to music and watch the scenery. Renee and I would normally read books out loud to each other but with my mom this time we didn't. Although during the drive I did finish a book I have been reading. I really enjoyed it. On Sat in the afternoon my mom and I went to General Conference for church. Afterwards we hung out with Renee, Veronica and Raliegh for awhile until Raliegh went to priesthood session. We walked around temple square and went to Deseret Book for girls night. Then we went to dinner at the Olive Garden. Raleigh met us there after priesthood.

THat was when the night got fun.... Renee put some sugar in my raspberry lemonade... I don't know for sure if that was the reason, but I got a little hyper. First when I tried to unroll my napkin I dropped my silverware to the floor.... than I was just laughing at a bunch of stuff. I was joking around about not being able to see when i would remove my glasses to clean them. At one point while cleaning them I was like "hey that guy looks familiar" and I think it was Renee who said "they probably all do because you can't see anybody" (or something along those lines) so i pretended to call "Jimmy" than I was like "Oh nevermind I thought you were someone I knew, but now that I have my glasses on I can see you're much uglier" I know that's kinda mean but it was kinda funny too. And I wasn't actually talking to Jimmy or anyone else it was all at a level that only the people at my table could hear mostly. I was also joking around with Raliegh because Renee and I were sending stupid texts back and forth to each other and he commented about it and how I was probably saying the waiter was cute or something. (after which she jokingly did text me that which made me laugh even more) And so I told Raleigh "he just heard you say that and turned around to walk away, but when he comes back do you want me to let him know how you feel?" also at one point I was trying to stretch my legs out under the table and I kicked Raleigh so he asked if I was trying to play footsie with him. I told him no that I was trying to stretch but that normally because I am so short it isn't a problem that I kick whoever is across from me! Oops! So then also at the beginning because we were there before Raleigh we got the salad and breadsticks and were eating that before ordering and there were 4 olives in the salad and renee and I each had 2. Renee said "for a place called Olive Garden there aren't very many olives in the garden" so we asked the waiter and he was like "no it's one per person" he also told us he had recently learned olives don't even grow in gardens but on trees. (Which I already knew because I am allergic to olive trees) So before Raliegh got there the waiter brought us another bowl of salad. I ate the olives from it and then shifted around the stuff on top so you couldn't tell I had done it. In the meanwhile Veronica had gone to the front of the restaurant to show him where we were sitting. So when he sat down we were talking and stuff and he asked if we had ordered. We told him no we waited for him but not with the salad and breadsticks. So he was having some salad and I was like "renee even asked the waiter why.." and then I stopped myself and was like "nevermind she didn't ask him anything" because I knew I had eaten the olives and didn't know if he would've wanted any. SO Renee my mom and I were all laughing and Veronica and Raleigh didn't know why! It was so funny. At one point the waiter came over and filled my lemonade and I didn't even notice. I drank half the glass than realized it had been filled. Renee laughed at me for not noticing. SO then the waiter came to take our orders and I was alsking a lot of questions and stuff and I told him there was an "incident and that there was silverware under the table" and at one point I said something and he was like "you're funny" Need less to say I burned a lot of calories from laughing at dinner that night! There were people at two tables nearby that I think were very glad when we left because I was making jokes and we were all laughing so much they probably thought we were drunk. It's all Renee's fault for spiking my lemonade with that sugar packet!!!

Then we went back to Renee's and I did my leg exercises and put my ice on my leg. It felt good to stretch it and I went to sleep with the ice on that night because I hadn't iced it in a few days and had been doing a lot of walking and a lot of stairs that day! Than yesterday my mom and I went to the morning session of conference. Afterwards we visited with a friend, and than we went back to Renee's and packed our bags and the car. We had some lunch at her house and left as the afternoon session started. We listened to it on the radio while driving. It was a long day driving home but we made it back super late and super tired! Overall it was a long.... too short, but fun weekend.


  1. Haha....thats hilarious! I'm SOO glad you came! It was WAY good to see ya!! I'm glad that you had a great weekend! I would have to say the highlight of my weekend is hanging out with you guys on Sat. night!!
    P.S. Thanks for being such an awesome friend!!! =)

  2. Wow, was that ever a fun night... I had no idea my sugar would have such an effect on you. I was just trying to do something funny to you before you did something funny to me, like you usually do. :o) But I really did get quite a kick out of the evening, even if those people at the next table didn't... it was so worth it.