Thursday, April 23, 2009

No news....

Well I don't know if no news is good news or bad news, but it's news anyway.... or rather not I guess :) I haven't had much happen lately that I am super excited about in order to blog it. I mean I've got a lot on my plate but I usually do so that's nothing really. I went to the ZOO last week! It was so much fun! Even though I am older I love looking at the animals I especially enjoy the elephants! They are such amazing and yet simple creatures! It's incredible how large but yet so calm they are! I recently read a fictional book about elephants and it made me cry.... and now I am reading another one.... although I don't know if I'll cry again. It's quite likely I suppose! I bought myself my very first IPOD! Woohoo.....
I look back on my life and often wonder "how did I get here?" I am surprised how things change so easily and so gradually and yet it all seems to go by so fast! I miss working most of all! I can't believe a year ago I was back at work by now from my previous knee surgery and now I am wondering when I'll get to return again... and I am still wondering if I should return to the ambulance or do dispatch. I know there are so many benefits I can expect being in dispatch with finances and less impact on my knee and so forth, but there are so many things I miss about the ambulance! The blood the guts the gore! :) Just kidding... it is hard to explain though, it's not that you want people getting hurt and stuff but the adrenaline of a call is something not to be explained! The feeling of accomplishment when you know you've made a difference in a life! The blessings of meeting so many people of various ages and walks of life! I have heard so many amazing stories from elderly patients that make me wish my grandparents on my dad's side lived a lot longer! I miss them! I know a dispatcher job would benefit me in so many ways and yet I still want to cry when I see an ambulance. I feel so helpless when they come by and I think of where they may be going and what they may be required to do. I mean I know the job had it's negatives, I mean I don't even always like cleaning my own car or house, so what makes me want to clean an ambulance and station? But I did it without complaint. I get full nights of sleep now.... but I also am bored frequently sitting at home! I have read over a dozen books so far this year already... I would probably still have read nearly as many if I was working though which is the cool thing about it... but I would've felt better while doing it, because when working I know that at any time I could be required to stop to go potentially save a life! I cannot believe this year alone I have already read, or re-read:

Harry Potter 2-7 (I had re-read 1 back in Dec)
Tales of Beedle the Bard
Twilight series (all 4 books, which I had read for the first time back in Dec)
Orpheus... which is a Novel Betty wrote that I was privileged to get a "sneak peek" of!
Hanna's Dream (the elephant book I mentioned)
Pride and Prejudice

I also read my scriptures and the occasional magazine, or newspaper and such as well. Um I can't think of any more right now so that must be it.... but there are a few I am working on too.... Life is crazy! But I am thankful for books! I am actually looking to invest in another bookshelf or storage unit of some sort because of my abundance of books, dvd's and cd's, I also have a lot of games too! But too bad I never have people to play them with....

Well I guess that's about it! Life continues for me. I still have no prince charming, no knight in shining armor... no mr right.... but I haven't given up hope that he is out there and looking for me! We just need to find each other!

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