Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeling like an EMT again

So this week I have gotten two opportunities to kinda feel like an EMT again.I really miss working more than anything else while struggling with the knee injuries. But on Monday a family friend called and she had fallen asleep in her recliner with her daughter on her lap. WHen she woke up she tried to get up not realizing that her foot had fallen asleep as well. She twisted her ankle and both her and her daughter fell. She called my mom screaming in pain and said that her boyfriend couldn't get to her to take her to the doctor for like 45 min. But she was also going to need childcare while going to urgent care. My mom and I went over there. I took a cardboard mailing box (I had just picked up at the post office like an hour prior not even planning to mail anything in it, I just figured I would get it to have available) so I felt for her pedal pulse (yes you can find your pulse in your foot if you know where to look and don't push too hard) I marked the pulse (so I would know where it was to re-assess) and I did an assessment, I told her I didn't think it was broken but likely sprained. I took the box and I cut it up and taped it and had her son get me some kitchen towels to pad it. I splinted her foot. I than let her use my crutches to get to my car and my mom and I took her to urgent care... my sister had come over to pick up the kids to take them to our house but at the same time a babysitter had arrived early to watch the kids for the evening anyway so we left them there at the house instead. We got to urgent care and got her all checked in and her boyfriend came so we went ahead and left and he was there to take her home. It was just a bad sprain and the doctor gave her a note to get out of work for the next day. But she said that the doctor or nurse said that it was splinted all really well. She gave me the credit where it was due...except I think she said I was a paramedic. :)
Than earlier this week my friend who is a schoolteacher had asked me to come and speak on Weds with her class and a couple other classes about being an EMT and a little bit about first aid. She said it would really be good if I could come in uniform. She said she had the auditorium reserved for a little more than an hour, that in the beginning she would have a slide show presentation and then I would speak for 10-15 min and after that she would take over again for a continued discussion. I was kind of hesitant because even though I have done school presentations before as an EMT I have always done it with a partner and with the ambulance and a lot more equipment. But then again those moments we also had more than 10-15 min to speak. So I talked a little bit and asked them a few questions regarding first aid and 911 and so forth. Then I kinda let them ask me questions and talked some more based on their questions. It was a lot of fun. Then I stayed at the end to listen to the rest of their discussion about the differences between modern and alternativc medicine styles. Anyway my friend called me earlier and said the kids really loved it! It felt nice to put on the uniform again although I wish it would've meant being on the ambulance again. Although I do still need new boots, not only are they old, worn out and falling apart, but they were being very uncooperative yesterday when I was trying to put them on. THe zippers weren't wanting to zip even after I loosened the laces. ALthough it didn't help that I can't fully bend my knee yet so I was trying to do it with the knee brace on! :)

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