Thursday, June 5, 2008


Ok so I am working and we get a call for a 51-50 (3day psychiatric hold) patient from a residence going to ER. Police dept and psych team onscene. So before arriving I already know that 1. The patient has probably been drinking or doing drugs or has some sort of medical problem since he is going to the ER and not straight to the psych hospital. 2. Police onscene means there is some question as to whether he is combative and/or cooperative or willing to go (most of the time they are not there when the psych team is) So we get there and the psych assistant meets us at the driveway to show us where the apartment is... he tells us our patient is depressed and has been drinking. His apartment is on the second floor but that he wants to be able to go for detox so he should be copperative and able to ambulate to gurney. So we bring the gurney to the bottom of the stairway so thats as far as he walks. Then the psych lady meets us with the hold paperwork and tells us he is copperating and the wife is going to follow us to the ER. No big deal.... so I start going upstairs I get to the top and I see the wife coming out then I notice someone else.... then I get a closer look and realize that the someone else has long blonde curly hair (wig), bright pink/red lipstick, high heels, a miniskirt, a white tank top and bra (possibly stuffed) purple toe-nail polish. Girly sunglasses and a really bad tan from a bottle! Oh and needs to shave their legs, arms chest etc! It was our patient! Nobody we saw mentioned to us ahead of time that our patient was a transvestite! A mighty UGLY one at that! Anyways it was interesting and I am glad I was the one driving and that my partner got to spend the hour drive in the back with him! When we walked in teh ER everyone was doing a double take and you could see people turning around to either laugh or not show their face or whatever! It was quite the moment. THen when we had him stand up to get off the gurney he kept asking how he looked and was trying to pull his skirt up on his waist! GROSS!! Anyways just thought I would share my interesting patient of the day! SOmetimes you just have to laugh after the fact! :)


  1. Haha, thats hilarious! I feel your pain. Ya know, those things happen. More or less. I think more hilarious just the description of the dressware. But, I am glad that it made for something interesting to tell about your day. It made it that much more interesting to work at where you do. have fun! I love the stories that you tell. It kinda makes me think of how well, life wouldn't be the way it is for the certain people in our lives. Its the way that we learn and grow! Love ya!

  2. Guess what? My friend in high school used to call me 51-50. Fun, huh?