Friday, June 20, 2008

For my amazing friends.....

First of all I would like to say if you are reading this than you are probably one of the amazing ones who this is about! It does apply to a few of my good friends....

Your eyes sparkle like stars at night,
The glow of your face is like a beautiful pale moonlight.
The warmth in your smile, like the sun at middy.
You light up a room in every way.

There's safety in all your hugs.
I feel im "snug as a bug"
Your friendship gives me comfort.
And helps me overcome all life's hurts.

When you are nearby, there's music everywhere.
Such a beautiful tune, Ive no need to fear.
You let me be myself, no need to pretend.
This happiness you give me shall never end.

How you've inspired me to grow,
I'm afraid you'll never know.
When doing bigger and better things.
You've shown me what love can bring,

You gve me a new start,
When you opened my heart,
You taght me to look and to see,
You made me appreciate what I can be,

My road ahead will be hard to follow.
I'll continue walking with each new tomorrow,
When I feel as if I've had enough.
I know you taught me to remain tough.

I'm never turning back.
You put me on the right track.
Im praying for eternity.
Someday it will come for both you and me,

I'm thankful for you.
For all we've been through.
When this journey ends.
Eternally we'll always be friends.

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  1. So, I was trying to write you last time. And my computer decided to crash. But I like your poem. Its cool!