Friday, June 20, 2008


OK so since I have been home yesterday from work I have had a little lesson in humility. I kinda have had it all week long but since I have been home the things the doctor had told me to avoid on Mon have really been a factor in the pain in my knee. In fact today I got a copy of the "restrictions" he sent to my work yesterday and it seems like those are in fact the things that aggravate it the most..... it says: NO climbing, bending/stooping, squatting, kneeling and no lifting over 25 pounds. It also says frequent sitting, and only occasional walking and standing..... so of course (as we already knew that is basicallly no work for me) So anyways today as I tried to sit frequently and so forth I noticed that when we went to Costco and I was carrying in some of the stuff it was kinda hurting (and the boxes I was carrying were less than was kleenex) and when I was holding my nephew last night it was hurting. And of course I have already been avoiding the kneeling and squatting and stuff anyway... but work was aggravating it for all the same reasons (and my partner wasn't exactly trying to help do more of the lifting of patients) and so I am glad I am out for rehabilitation even though I would rather be working. I have also been icing it frequently and um yeah.... so although I already knew I had made the right decision It was re0inforced to me today. Oh and btw I did not walk around costco I used the electric cart :)

Well on a slightlier happier note I feel I am totally improving on the piano! And like I said I have some surprises for Renee when she returns next week and I think she will be happy about them (I am not writing them at this time because she does read my blog) So I don't know exactly when but in the 3 days she will be home we will have to have a lesson! Plus she is going to want to give me more homework before she leaves for her next trip anyway (she's good at assigning homework)

Well I am going to stop here for now....but I am going to post another blog right after this one containing a new poem I wrote earlier this week....

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