Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Knee and the Doc

OK so since I was in such pain over the weekend....and yes I did use one crutch at church even though it meant a lot of questions and attention I didn't want! This morning (technically yesterday ) first thing I did was call the doctors office to see if I could get an appointment. SO I scheduled one for 4pm with the physicians assistant. SO I went there for my appt and waited in the waiting room for like 45 min (they were super busy...) I had brought my Ensign with me and was reading it while waiting, and interestingly enough there was an article about teh Spiritual side of healing...it was really an incredible story and I underlined a bunch from it. The really cool thing is on Sun I got a blessing from my home teachers that was truely incredible. On Sat night since I was in such pain and was so scared about what was going on etc I had a lot of questions and stuff in my nightly prayers. DUring the blessing my home teacher answered a lot of those questions! It was an amazing sign of the true power of the Priesthood. It really showed me how they are guided by the Spirit and how powerful a blessing can be. (I knew before but it is always amazing to have it be reminded) It reminded me how much I am loved by my Heavenly Father and then seeing that article today re-inforced the importance of faith going hand in hand with medical care. I know that I am going to be ok. I know that no matter what happens I have people on my side! Especially my Savior and my Heavenly Father! SO getting back to my appointment.... they brought me back into a room and when the Physicians Assistant Adam came in the room he looked at me and said "oh no" I was like "I know"... and I told him what was going on. I told him about slipping a couple weeks ago and about how for the past week or so I have been stiff and then over the weekend how I was in a lot of pain and getting the sharp pains throughout. But that today was mostly ok... so he had me get on the table and he was checking it out and stuff and found my sore spots and so forth and after checking it he told me he thinks that when I slipped I may have sprained my MCL. (the ligament on the inside of the knee) He said that it wouldnt be too effective to take an MRI because being only 3months post-op there may be some abnormalities that would show up that are mostly only surgery related things that could be confused with being a new injury. SO he was telling me that since I have a crazy work schedule and cannot really do physical therapy that I shoudl try and take it easy as much as possible. Not to walk around too much on my leg when not necessary (he used shopping etc as an example) and was saying he could put me on light duty for work. I reminded him that I cannot really do light duty at work and he asked if I could work in the office or something and I told him not really. HE said he would just put a few restrictions like "o climbing" and I told him since I am short I have to climb just to get into the ambulance usually, but that I have been cautious since being back at work. He said he could take me out again totally from work and I told him I really didnt want to do that if it could be avoided. SO he gave me an anti-inflamatory medication to take and he told me whenever possible to stay off my leg. But he also said in the same sense to try and exercise it on a stationary bike so that I can get it moving with a simple motion but no resistance.... so I am still going to try and work and hopefully this will all pass. I have a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks to see if it settles down a bit to where it may just be related to the slip or if it is continuing to hurt and/or get worse. I am hoping its good! Well thats my update! Its late and I should be in bed!

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