Sunday, June 29, 2008

Medievil Disneyland

So Thurs was so much fun!!! Renee and I went to Disneyland and had a lot of fun. We rented me an electric wheelchair (since dr's orders are minimal walking) and just had some fun. Because her birthday was on Sat I made her wear a Happy Birthday pin and so most of the employees were wishing her a happy b-day. We went to CA Adventure first so that we could go to the Aladdin show and as we were walking through the Hollywood Backlot as we passed playhouse Disney they gave us these cardboard fans for when it gets hotter outside. Then we decided since we had time before the Aladdin show that we would go see Turtle Talk with Crush. We were going in there and an employee gave us both "Dream Fastpasses" it was fastpasses for all the major rides at both parks valid for Thurs only! It was awesome!!!! So then we enjoyed the show and went to the Tower of Terror and then to Aladdin. Where we got to sit in the handicap area because of the times! We went to the tortilla factory to see the video and the dog say "maseca" and to get our free tortilla and when we got our tortillas the guy also gave Renee a whole pack of them for her bday!!! That was pretty cool!!! So then because we had the fastpasses we enjoyed some more rides there before going to Disneyland, before we left we gave the last of our fastpasses for there to a couple we saw walking (renee's idea to share the fun). At Disneyland, we rode the AstroBlasters (I won of course with my highest score ever 164 thousand something!) We went on Autopia (since we had fastpasses) and two cars in front of Renee was a child driver who couldnt seem to hold the gas pedal well so it was like LA stop and go traffic.... I think I bumped Renee once because of it, Which while I am thinking of it, I dont know for sure what Renee was doing but she was all over the road too.... after that we gave the rest of our fastpasses for there to another couple since we didnt have much time left and we had the wheelchair and so we didnt need them for any other rides..... we went on Splash Mountain and got soaked and left the park for the Birthday surprise for Renee.
We drove down the road and wound up at Medievil Times for dinner. I hadnt been there in several years and Renee hadnt been there since she was a pre-teen (i guess they call them "tweens" now) So we were both pretty excited! We were in the Red and Yellow section and in the front row. We also managed to wind up right in the center of the stadium...right where our knight would stop.... it was great and he was pretty darn cute. Our waiter kinda gave us some problems with the cake and stuff but I ended up getting a partial refund because of it so it worked out ok! It ended up being a super long day but overall it was a ton of fun!!!! We have some fun pictures and souvenirs and stuff to remember that day for a long time! I am glad it all worked out well and I am glad I was able to give Renee a fun day for her birthday! She deserved it!

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  1. Oh, you are the nicest ever! However, you forgot to mention that my gun wasn't working for Astro Blasters. If it had been working properly, it would have been a different story... okay, maybe not, I pretty much just stink at that ride! But during Autopia I was just letting the car go without steering and that was pretty crazy because it does, in fact, go all over the road. It eventually became too violent, so I had to steer again.

    What a fun way to celebrate my birthday! Thanks for everything, Elegyrl! You rock!