Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pain Pain Go AWAY!!!!

OK so I think most people know I had knee surgery 3 months ago! (almost to the day, it was March 13th) Anyways I was out of work for 9 weeks and have been back at work for 4 weeks. Well things have been progressively getting better, until this week.... On Sun night I was getting a little sore, which was no big deal at first, but then I was again sore on Mon when we went to Disneyland (to the point I was contemplating a wheelchair and/or handicap pass before we decided to leave early) so then I was like ok this is odd. But I knew being at Disneyland with all the extended walking and being on my feet was probably partly to do with it. I was mostly ok on Tues, but all week it has been stiff while I have been at work and with it being stiff its been a little bit sore. Again it was more of a nuisance than anything because it was just tight. But today for some reason more than just being tight and stiff it started hurting again. I also had one moment today where it felt like it locked up on me. I was at work and trying to do my job than this afternoon with it still hurting I had to take a patient home from the hospital. We had to carry the patient up 4 steps into the house around the corner and into the bedroom where we put him into the bed. Usually no big deal but it was hurting. After that call when we got back to the station I asked if I could leave because I didn't to risk making my knee worse or dropping a patient or something because it hasn't been hurting like this until today. Now I am a little scared! I don't want to but it looks like I am going to have to call the doctor on Mon morning. My mom told me earlier because I had come home from work and stuff that I should probably use my crutches for a few days. I really don't want to have to do that, and especially didn't want to use them at church tomorrow, but just now walking into my sisters house I was getting really sharp pains in my knee (which was completely different than what was going on before my surgery) and I could barely even walk. I basically came into the nearest room and sat down (which luckily because I am at my sisters house was the office and so now I am online and blogging) Anyways this really sucks! I am really scared about it because I was so glad it was getting better. I am so happy to be back at work and things have been going really well! I love it and I have even been really cautious and stuff too. For instance most of the rigs don't have a side-step and so because I am short I have always basically just jumped out of the rigs, but since I have been back I have been really careful to go slowly and to step down regularly. Same with the back of the rig.... So now even though I have been taking extra pre-cautions I am hurting!!! It scares me a lot because I don't want to be regressing! I want to be getting more and more able, and was even looking forward to slowly start riding my bike again but now it looks as if once again that isnt going to be happening! UGH!! Well its time to go home now! I will be getting a blessing tomorrow at church and I hope it helps!

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