Sunday, August 24, 2008


I cannot stand it when people are disrespectful! Even more so when on top of that they are constantly unappreciative! My sister is completely oblivious to all that is done in her behalf and rarely ever says thank you and never shows any respect towards others! I can't stand it anymore! My mom does so much for her and I do a lot too regarding my nephews and such and she doesn't even say thanks! Like for instance my mom made a comment the other day that my sister said my parents can take my nephew for a haircut whenever they want because she can't afford to! Well neither can my parents really and they are providing free board and childcare and so forth for my sister and my nephews to begin with and she doesn't even help with household chores! SO I decided even though I couldn't really afford it either my nephew needed a haircut so I took him on his bday and got him one... did I get a thank you?? NO WAY!! Than this morning we got into an argument because she doesn't even take care of her dog (who is basically suffering a slow death and she doesn't seem to care) and she was saying that my dog is stupid acting as if hers is perfect but she doesn't even take care of her dog. Its so frustrating, basically she said my dog hadn't been out all night and I said before you make a comment like that you should verify the facts because I took my dog out at 3 am before I went to sleep! She rarely goes out and feeds or gives water to her dog it's usually my mom who does so (and me on occasion like the other day) her dog is 14 years old, is going deaf (if not already completely so) has a tumor on her breast that seems to be getting bigger and my sister doesn't do anything about it! Its really sad and I feel bad for her dog! Mine may not always listen and he barks a lot when people walk by outside or whatever but thats what he is supposed to do! Anyways she is always like this and I am tired of it! I can't stand that she disrespects me constantly and never says thank you for anything that people do for her! Maybe one day she will move out and really learn how much is done on her behalf!

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