Monday, August 25, 2008

Going Fishing

I am so glad I am leaving tomorrow to go fishing! In fact I wish I would've left today like I had originally planned because I just got into another fight with my sister! I am so stressed out right now and cannot wait to get away from her! I feel so bad for my nephew because she treats him so badly.. it seems like all she does is yell at him and since he has gotten home today (he was gone with my parents most of the day) he has been playing with me when she wasn't yelling at him! We were singing and dancing to Disney music earlier and all she did was give me dirty looks while he was laughing and playing and having fun! Then he was in my room with me while I was folding and putting away my laundry and then tonight after getting into another fight with her he came in my room and was having fun with me so she came and took him out (because he likes being with me more than her..... gee I wonder why miss yell-a-mom!) I hate that I was fighting with her because it makes me think things I shouldnt be thinking like keying her car and such! I wanted to say things to her that shouldn't be said (and that I normally wouldnt say...but she would) but I held my tongue. I have tried to do that to just walk away and come into my room so she came after me and kicked my door and knocked my mirror off.... so then my nephew came and was kicking my door as well before he came in and was playing in here..... I wish I could get out of here! But I wont be leaving anytime soon! Especially if my thoughts are right that I might be having surgery again! I miss working and being away from all the crap at home! My mom was trying to convince me today that I shouldnt go fishing because my knee has been sore and stuff but I really need to get out of the house. She even suggested that I should ask my other sister to go with me. I asked but she has a doctors appointment which I was kinda glad about because I really wanted to get away on my own and be able to have fun and relax! It will be nice to see my family there and be away from the house for a couple days! I really want to stay until Fri but I will probably come home Thurs so that I can get my knee injection on Fri.... we shall see! I just know I can't wait!!!


  1. Living in a stressful situation is hard especially when you know you may be down and out soon. Your sister sounds like she may be stressed out and unhappy too. She is probably taking out her unhappiness on her son and jealous when he has a better time than you. Maybe you could find a way to serve her and help her improve her relationship with her son. Sounds like it would be quite the challenge, but you could then feel better that you had tried to do something good. Like when you took her son to get a haircut. That was a cool thing to do but maybe she feels bad that she couldn't afford to do it. You can never expect a thank you. Just be grateful if you get one.

    I find any situation improves if you find little ways to serve someone. I know you know that cause you do tons of that. If you could somehow figure out a way to help your sister do fun things with her son without it seeming like you know better than she does, you might be helping her and him in the long run. Just an idea.

    I love ya and hope you have a nice break fishing.

  2. Oh, my poor twin. I wish I were there to help you out. I wish you could go back to work. I wish you could stay fishing longer. I wish, I wish, I wish.

    I hope you had a good time fishing. Sometimes little getaways like that can really help to clear my mind and refocus my efforts. Your life is indeed difficult, but I know if anyone's strong enough to handle it, it's you. You are such a great example to your family.