Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I forgot to put in my last blog the distances for the river tubing..... I clocked the mileage the next day in my car when I had to drive back to the shell station across the street from the park to buy ice and water..... I know its slightly different for the road than the river based on how each turns and such but its just an approximate anyway:

From the campsite to the park 5.5 miles
from the campsite to where I got out of the river 4.5 miles
where I got out of the water to where I hiked to the road .2 miles (hiking)
Walking on the road to where I got picked up .5 (1/2) mile (walking)
Where I got picked up to the park .3 miles (driven in a car)

So basically I spent about 4.5 miles on the river and about 3/4 miles hiking/walking from there and got picked up about a quarter mile from the park.....

Fun times!!! :)

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