Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Walking (slipping) VS Wheelchairs

Ok so mostly everyone knows that 4 months ago I had knee surgery.... but maybe you don't know the story/stories leading up to the surgery. So several years ago (about 4 or 5) I was hiking with some friends. While we were up at what is called the punch bowls I was walking over to where my friend David was standing to also put my feet in the water, well unknown to me at the edge of the water where he was standing there was some underlying algae on the surface of the rock... so as I stepped in I slipped. I didnt actually fall (David helped prevent that) but I twisted my knee. But of course this was approximately 4 miles into the mountain with multiple inclines and declines and several rock formations to scale etc and I had to hike back out of the mountain that day. SO that was the start of my knee problems. Since that day I have had weird moments while walking etc but I never went to the doctor because I injured my knee on a weekend and it sorta felt better a few days later. But there was some residual somethign going on but it never lasted long so I never worried too much and I just kinda figured that someday it was going to lead to a knee replacement for me! Then back in Dec I was jumping on my trampoline which was something I rather enjoyed doing when while I was jumping I got a funny feeling in my knee and I kinda fell. It didnt hurt at the time, but having known there was something done previously and it acted weird from time to time I got off the trampoline at that time. The next day my knee was hurting a little. and for a few days it gradually got worse and worse until about a week later I wound up at the doctor, went back a month after that and was at the orthopaedic a few weeks later. And a couple months later was my surgery... anyways thats not the basis of this blog entry.....

so anyways since my surgery..... few weeks post-op I slipped when I was at the Temple. I had been in the baptistry and even though it was hard I was baptised for I think about 10 names. They were family names and I really wanted to do them myself, but if it had been too hard I wouldve had someone else do them. Anyways I had finished and gotten dressed and was confirmed for the names and when I went back into the locker room I slipped on the wet floor and felt my knee like stretch or pull or something and got pretty sore again the next day. SO I told the doctor about having slipped the next week. Things got better. Then I think I had a similar incident at home in the bathroom one day on our tile floor.... But my knee got better. I went back to work and all was well and I was loving life again! Then I was at home getting ready to go shopping, went in to brush my teeth and slipped again on the bathroom floor!!! UGH.... and of course that night while walking around good Ol Walmart my knee was getting sore again. and then it seemed ok. But the following week it started feeling really stiff and tight all the time. Than almost 2 weeks after the "slip" I started getting pains again! I was at work and asked to go home early it was hurting so bad! Then that night I was getting sharp pains when I would take a step, and the next day at church....I was even using my crutches (which I hate doing) it was that bad. Went to the doctor and he thought maybe I twisted and tore the MCL with the slip. He wanted me to stay off it....impossible! I ended up out of work again....

Well than last week I went to get my oil changed.... I got to the dealership, got my purse and my pen case (I have this case of gel pens with a handle on top that I had put some stationary into as well for writing letters) and was walking inside to get my oil changed when I tripped on the curb... this time wasnt just a slip though. I Went down! Witnessed and all! But when I went down I managed to only go down on my R knee and scrape it, not my surgery knee.... later that day I was scheduled to see the doctor for a steroid shot.... I didnt tell him about the fall.... that was weds.

On thurs Laura and I went to the Aquarium, and while there and petting the sharks and sting rays I didnt slip but I did bump my knee on the wall of the petting tank...ouch....

On Fri night I decided I was going to the dance, even though I cant do much with my knee (not that I could dance before I am pretty lame-o) but I wanted to hang out! (Plus there was a guy I wanted to see there) So Laura and I went to go to pick up Chelsea and she was making cookies so when we got there she invited us in. I was telling her she had to take it easy on my because my knee is still injured but I was going anyways.... I finished telling her this and as we started walking towards the kitchen I fell off the step.... I didnt realize her floor dropped where we were standing! So yes I had slipped again..... I know there seems to be a pattern here..... so I went dancing and stuff and survived the weekend. Although gradually over the weekend I started getting sore again and I dont know if its from the shot or the dancing or what....

Then yesterday Renee and I went to the movies. After the movie had ended and we stood up in our row to walk out I kinda staggered a bit (like I was drunk or something) and almost fell into the chairs..... anyways after that incident she asked me if I have considered just buying an electric wheelchair instead of walking??? I was telling this story to Veronica today (only the movie part) and I thought it might be an interesting blog.... sometimes I wonder if maybe I really do need a wheelchair? I have always considered myself to be my own worst enemy. After all I tend to get a lot of bruises and not always know how/why. Then lately with my increased number of slips (luckily not all resulting in falls) maybe in my case it would be a pretty decent investment! Besides I have discovered a love for the wheelchair when it comes to lines at Disneyland! I am getting pretty good at maneuvering them too if I do say so myself! I got myself into and out of the bathroom at the Aquarium since Laura was doing something, Im not really sure what! It would help tone my arms more and get rid of the "English teacher flab" (as my sister once called it, because its what wiggles when the english teacher is writing on the chalkboard) on the underside of my biceps! :)


  1. I've also heard that referred to as "Relief Society Arm". I don't particularly care for either one.

    Let's see, what could be your solution? Let's brainstorm for a minute, here:

    1. Put rugs in your bathroom. Adhere the rugs to the floor so they don't slip too. Avoid bare tiles at all costs!

    2. Apply heavy sandpaper in strips to the bottoms of your shoes. You may have to replace these often though.

    3. Apply gel pads to the bottom of your shoes. They might be more grippy, though I'm not sure how you'd get them to stay there.

    4. Live in a bubble.

    5. Move to Utah. I'm not sure how this would help, especially since there would be ice, but maybe you could hang out with all your friends who ditched you for Utah and we could catch you?

    6. Walk with a cane. This isn't actually a bad idea. I used to walk with a cane sometimes in the winter just for more stability, and also when I walked home at night to whack predators. It helps with balance.

    7. Get a wheelchair. It could be fun. But if you don't see the steps when you are on the wheelchair... I think that would be even worse of a fall than without.

    8. Get one of those floating transportation devices they use in Wall-E. But then you might suffer bone loss, too.

    9. Never leave your bedroom.

    10. Use a walker. Similar to a cane, but not nearly as stylish.

    There are ten brilliant ideas for you. :o)

    I hope you heal up fast.

  2. I think number 4: live in a bubble is the best solution. Good luck!

  3. I agree with Unicorn Girl and Renee. Living in a bubble may actually help. But what about moving to Utah??? That would be neat!

    Only, you'd really have to becareful with the ice. Hmmmm,

    Your miss slippery chic....what are we gonna do?