Monday, July 7, 2008


Ok so even though it was the 4th of July and pretty much everyone I know was out watching fireworks, on Fri night I spent several hours on the computer doing geneological research for my family. I went through and prepared several names and on Sat I went to the Temple. We went to the baptistry and they said they were doing 10 names each. SO I kept 10 of my female names, gave 10 to a girl from my ward and 5 to her sister. I also had 33 male names that were dispersed among the brethren that were there. So I got to watch two of the brethren do my names, as well as both Mellissa and Marla so it was my turn in the font. When I got there they told me they were going to have me do 3 extra names and I said no problem. So of the extra names I did 2 and then the witnesses were saying something to the baptizer and they were talking about whether I went under or something (Im not really sure) and then the baptizer was like "your nose is bleeding" and so I had to leave the font. :( but because I had family names they told me when I got it stopped I could come back to the font and be next in line again. They gave the 3rd extra name to someone else and I took care of the nose. (on a sidenote I had 2 bloody noses in the wee hours of morning the night before as this was the third in a short timeframe) So after I got it stopped I noticed a small spot of blood on the jumpsuit so another sister got me an extra, and I went back. I did my 10 family names and was leaving the font when a girl in line told me my nose was bleeding again. SO I again got it under control and got dressed for confirmations where it briefly started a 3rd time at the Temple. So all in all I had 5 bloody noses in about 12 hours.... now I have a very raw and sore spot in my left nostril (i know you are probably not interested in that info....but oh well) so anyways it was amazing to be at the Temple despite a few setbacks. To be honest I really think these particular family members were really working hard to get their work done and Satan was really trying to prevent it. I actually had some problems with the research and preparatory stuff on Fri night and was getting very frustrated and almost gave up on doing any family names at that time, until I said a little prayer and remembered what it was all about and things started working out better. Than with the bloody noses.... I am glad that I was able to finish the names even if it was the second time around! It was amazing! Then because we had some extra time I even went upstairs and was able to do 10 of the initiatories for my female ancestors! I loved it! After the Temple time we all went and got food and met up a little later at a local beach for some hangin out and a bonfire! The sunset was amazing adn the water was nice! I had a great day overall!!! I LOVE the Temple and am so thankful for every opportunity I have to be there!


  1. You must have a very sensitive nose. I'm glad it stopped bleeding eventually. I mean, I'm assuming it stopped bleeding. It did, right?

    And you didn't really mention the most interesting part of your temple experience here, did you?

  2. Lol.... that interesting part of the trip was intentionally left out and for now is to be continued... I found out that part is going to the dance even though I cannot do any dancing right now with my knee I may watch....and hope for a slow dance ;) and I invited him to coverband on Sat as well :)

  3. Oh... and it did stop bleeding, but because it was on the same nostril every time its still really dry and sore because of it (like when you have a cold and it gets fun at all)