Sunday, July 27, 2008


You are sitting down minding your own business when suddenly your eye starts to twitch. Eye twitching is a common but often perplexing phenomena that affects millions of people every year. Is it serious or just something to put up with? For most people eye twitching is not a serious condition and typically results from excessive fatigue or stress. For others eye twitching can lead to chronic irritation or vision problems. Let's talk a bit more about this unusual problem.
Blepharospasm (Defined as Eye Twitching)
Blepharospasm is the technical term for involuntary eye twitching (eye spasms). Blepharospasm is more specifically defined as an abnormal involuntary blinking or spasm of the eyelids. Eye twitching usually involves involuntary movements of the eyelid specifically. Some refer to this condition as eye spasms. Some doctors often refer to this condition when chronically present as "blinking disorder." Sounds pretty serious. But it may not be.

OK so lately (several weeks now) I have been having this problem with my Left eyelid twitching A LOT!! At first I thought maybe it was a reaction to my eye makeup as I usually don't wear make-up and then I did and my eye started twitching... so I didn't wear any makeup and after a couple days it seemed to have gotten better. Then I wore make-up again (to impress a didnt work) and it started happening again and i thought it definately must have been the make-up. But now it has been several weeks and I have avoided the make-up and I am still having the problem! A good friend of mine said "maybe its from stress" so one night recently I decided to investigate online.... and above is what I found! I guess I am still drinking "too much lemonade"!!!! I mean with my Dad being in and out of the hospital, probably going to have his surgery soon. My knee getting worse instead of better and the doctor saying if the next set of injections don't help I may need another far worse operation, and bills continuing to pile up, missing work, etc etc sometimes I just have to joke around and say "what stress"? Anyways I added a picture I like that I took at Disneyland... I think its a true statement! As much as I want to move away I don't think its going to help right now! There is too much that needs to be taken care of first! Than I am on the next train out!... OK I will probably take my car and not a train, but thats besides the point!


  1. :o)

    My eyelids twitched a lot during college.

    Hopefully your eye won't twitch tomorrow. Or hopefully it will... maybe then I can beat you at Astro Blasters!

  2. Hey, I totally know what you mean, but I haven't had it that bad. It has gotten better thank goodness. I hope it gets better for you.