Thursday, August 28, 2014

if everyday were like today

If every day were like today:

... that's message on myfitnesspal when you complete your daily entry, it says if everyday were like today you'd weigh ___# in 5 weeks. ¤Today's message told me I would be past one of my goals, (50# down) and have gotten farther than before the setbacks I've had the past 6 months with trials and losses. I was just about to 50# right before my dad passed, & have kinda fluctuated above that since. Luckily I haven't completely gained it all back,  But have lingered near 35-40# down instead.  Anyway it made me think about the statement, these are my thoughts:

If everyday were like today:

→then I wouldn't have gotten to where I am weight wise and wouldn't need myfitnesspal to track my food
→then it means everyday was a day where I didn't feel the need to snack constantly.  Where I didn't feel as if I was hungry constantly.
→then i'd really be kicking butt in my weight loss challenges
→then although I was tired,  and my knee was hurting I managed a decent workout anyway
→then everyday was an emotional day,  where although things were good,  suddenly I felt sad and lonely (I don't want that everyday)
→then everyday I got a nap during my lunch break
→then everyday I actually documented my samples from cruising thru Costco
→then everyday I had people honk &/or wave at me during my walk,  uplifting my spirits and reminding me i am doing the right thing to keep going forward.

I'm sure there are more,  but for the moment that's what I thought about.  I may come back and add more later.  But for now I'm thankful for myfitnesspal.  I'm thankful I have a useful tool to help me keep focused. I'm thankful that it reminds me that "if everyday were like today" because sometimes the days are bad and it shows me I'm off track and heading the wrong direction.  But today was good.  Today it reminded me of my successes,  It reminded me that I can make it to my goal. Then I can start on my next goal.  If everyday were like today then in 5 weeks I will be down 53#! That's awesome!