Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Daddy's Lil Girl Part 2

 So a few years ago I wrote a poem for my Dad to let him know he was loved. That he had a purpose, I called it "Daddy's Lil Girl" (you can read it here:  Daddy's Lil Girl ) and so after he passed I thought that maybe I could share it at his services, so I re-read it. When I did I realized it wasn't completely what I was wanting to say, so I added to it. This is the addition I wrote for the services:

This feels so unreal
How can it be true?
This pain that I feel
Daddy, I miss you

Now that you’re gone
Your pain is no more
You held on for so long
What did you suffer for?

I know there is a plan
Heavenly Father put in place
When we follow His plan
We’re welcomed by His grace

I’m sure you were welcomed home
By those who’ve gone before
I know you weren’t alone
Met at Heavens door

You left behind a family
Who have loved you all along
All those friends and family
Trying now to be strong

Things will never be the same
We’ll take them day by day
Life is always full of change
I know you couldn’t stay

Our lives will keep on going
So much you’re gonna miss
As your family keeps on growing
To make you proud, our only wish

You are not going to be there
For my wedding day
This doesn’t seem very fair
Who’ll give your girl away?

I wasn’t ready for you to go
I never said goodbye
Tried to show you I loved you so
Why did you have to die?

I’m thankful for the gospel plan
Gift of the atonement too
I’m going to do all I can
To gain eternity with you

You left us all too early in life
I guess there’s work for us to do
You left us all with heartache and strife
Our love we’ll always feel for you

I’m holding onto memories
Locking them into my heart
Love will be the only keys
Unlocking a flood of memories to start

Things may get easier in time
As we go about our days
Finding a rhythm and our rhyme
Love for you to light the way

Thanks for all you taught me
Helping me to learn and grow
Showing me who I could be
Inspiring me more than I now know

We were different, yet alike
Had our ups and downs
Like learning to ride a bike
It was easier when you were around

I’m grateful for our Savior
Taking our sins and pains
By acceptance in the Savior
I’ll be with you again

Time will heal our hearts
Life goes on and on
With each day comes a new start
 Your memory will live on

Thank you daddy for everything
I’m a stronger woman now
You would’ve given me anything
Even If you didn’t know how

Faith makes me stronger
I’ve got a life to live yet
Your loss makes the days feel longer
It’s you I’ll never forget

I am me because of you
When all was said and done
I really hope you knew
Daddy you were my number one

Renee L Conaway 2/15-16/2014

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