Thursday, August 21, 2014

Goodbye Uncle "Goofy"

So last week I was in Escondido for work.  I was taking a class to become a certified car seat installation technician.  The class was great and now I'm officially certified to properly install child seats into vehicles,  as well as train parents how to do so properly so their kids are safe.  While I was there in class on Tuesday my Uncle Kenneth was having open heart surgery.  It was tough not being there with my aunt,  but I was Praying as always.  Things went well and although he was on the icu it was promising.  Then unfortunately on Weds he took a turn for the worse,  and ended up having 3 more operations due to complications from the procedure on Weds  So weds night I drove to the hospital from my hotel room,  and my sister's all drive from Simi to be with family and see him.  The third surgery they had done weds night seemed promising again so we left feeling better than before arriving at the hospital.  On thurs naturally I was tired since I got back to the hotel late,  but I continued with class,  Then things went downhill again.  By the mid afternoon via text I was notified they were going to make him comfortable and remove him from life support.  This was hard!  Not just for me (& I had  to step outta class to control my emotions) not only did my uncle pass away that afternoon,  It was on the 6 month anniversary of when we lost my dad.  Their times of death were also approximately an hour apart from each other.  I can't believe that my family has been given yet another trial,  especially involving death.  I am grateful  knowing that we're strong and that despite all we've had to face lately life just keeps moving forward. I just hope this is the end of the trials for awhile!  I am sure I've had enough!

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