Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Happy Anniversary

Once upon an instant message
This guy found this girl
They talked and they chatted
Decided to give it a whirl
They met one day at Starbucks
Things moved on from there
He liked their matching personalities
She liked that he made her laugh
They found that they enjoyed their time together
Their goals were on the same track
She liked that he didn’t care what others thought
He felt everything was “too good to be true”
They started to date, spend more time together
She made him smile, and made him laugh
He was cute to her while playing golf
She showed she wanted to know him personally
He liked how quiet, and shy she could be
Some would’ve called him a geek for his computer skills
She said it showed her he was truly smart
He loved that she loved him for who he was, and
Supported him for who he wanted to be
They dated three more years
Decided to set a date
Another three years and she got the ring
The day was approaching quick
The next seven months flew on by
Making appointments, and setting the plans
She walked down the aisle
They stood hand in hand
They shared their vows thru tear filled eyes
“I do” at the park, followed by the party
We flash forward to today, ten years have gone away
Still standing side by side
They’re holding hands now in the car
They’re soul-mates, partnered in time
Proud of each other, an inspiration to us all
Surrounded by loved ones, they sing made up songs
Loving one another, more and more each day
He’ll tell you she’s “smoking hot”
She’ll say he’s still cute, or handsome as can be
He says she’s his rock
She says he follows the motto “happy wife equals happy life”
They plan to grow old together
Supporting and cheering on one another
Through good times and bad
Hoping to be parents to more than just Koda
Glad to always have each other
They’ll always find comfort together
Smiling and laughing forever
Working hard, and playing harder
Sharing lunches, life and fun
Through laughter or silence, married they are one
They complete each others sentences
They are equal to each other
For N and D S------- the fun has just begun!

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