Friday, June 29, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy’s little girl
Learning to crawl, talk and walk
Hidden in an oyster, polishing the pearl
Feeling loved around the clock

You taught me about cars
We went to the races
You taught me reach far
Took me many places

I remember the days
When we would fish and camp
I’m remembering the ways
You put oil inside my lamp

You taught me to do repairs
Cars, plumbing and more
Showed me how to care
Like I never knew before

Wiping away my childhood tears
You taught me to be tough
Overcoming all my fears
You made sure I grew enough

Going father daughter dancing
You helped me learn to try
Showed me how to spread my wings
Teaching me to fly

You were our Girl Scout leader
Helped me learn simple math
Encouraging me to be a reader
Putting me on the right path

I am a stronger person now
More independent and kind
Continuing to learn somehow
It gives me peace of mind

You once watched over me
Now I’m watching over you
You saw who I could be
I’m not the girl you once knew
I have learned who I am meant to be
I haven’t quite gotten there yet
I need you to let me see
What happens when I get my feet wet

I’ll always be your little girl
Can we go back to how it used to be
Inside this oyster shines a beautiful pearl
I need to see you still believe in me

As time has moved ahead
It’s not as easy to love you as before
Somehow there’s mistrust instead
It’s pushing me towards the door

I am ready to walk away
I’m afraid of looking back
Somehow I just can’t stay
My train has jumped the track

I will always love you Daddy
I wish somehow you could see
You’ll always be my Daddy
There’s love for you inside of me

It used to be so easy
We always had so much fun
The dad jokes were always so cheesy
You were still my number one

We danced when I was younger
I stood upon your toes
I was always filled with hunger
You were stealing my nose

Over the years you’ve changed
You’re not who I knew you to be
My life has rearranged
That’s not always easy for me

I keep looking for the real you
The one who loved himself
The person here now is untrue
It’s time to get the real you off the shelf

 You’re in my daily prayers
I wish that you could see
My heart is filled with fear
You’ll leave this life too early

If you only knew
At Arlington Cemetery
How many tears I shed for you
Facing that future is scary  

I think about that day
The one we heard the news
It hurt to hear doctors say
Your time was nearly thru

Your life is a blessing
A miracle on earth
You’ve left the doctors guessing
Shown you have true worth

I wish you’d see the truth
The love I have for you
I want back the days of my youth
When you knew it to be true

I want you there my wedding day
So I can dance with you
When they ask who gives this girl away
I want you to say I do
I have polished up my pearl
It’s ready to see the light
I’m not a little girl
I will continue to fight

I’m Daddy’s little girl
And I have grown real strong
I’ve spun and twirled
I’ve loved you all along

Renee L Conaway

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