Monday, September 14, 2009

Old formula

For many many many many years now I have been using Pantene Pro-V 2in1 shampoo plus conditioner. I really like it and it works well in my hair. I have found many other kinds of shampoo's seem to me like they make my hair fall out more (It comes out in my hand while I am washing, I rarely have it happen with the pantene) and some (like Suave) leave me with a really itchy scalp. So I have used the Pantene. I generally bought the regular one and occasionally if they were out of it I would by the one for dry/damaged hair. I figured it doesn't hurt to add more moisturizer! Than a few years ago they changed their formula. The bottles were a little different it smelled a little different but I grabbed a bottle anyway. I didn't like it as much and since they still had the small bottles of what I now refer to as "the old formula" I woudl just buy the smaller bottles. Than i began to notice they were discontinuing them. So I would buy whatever I saw whenever I could find it and wherever. My mom even got me a few bottles somewhere! So we bought what we could find and I had like 5 or 6 small bottles. So now here I am a few years later (It's been at least 2 years.... probably like 3 years really) and I am almost out of my last bottle! It is very sad to me because I really don't like the new formula as much. I did buy one bottle of it recently knowing I am going to need it soon. I used it the other day I figured I would kinda try it out, and maybe work it in slowly like you would do if you are changing the brand of pet food you buy. I only used it that one day! I still don't like it as much! So I guess my plea is if anybody who happens to read my blog is in some little random mom and pop shop or somewhere and you find the "old formula" design bottles whether big or small size buy all you can!!!! Either the regular or dry/damaged! I will pay you back and pay for you to ship it to me! I have checked every grocery store and drug store and of course Wally World and Target in my area but they are all completely out of the "old formula" bottles! I have looked on amazon and ebay but in the searching I did I couldn't find any.... I may look again though! I have included a picture of the old bottle (the smaller size bottle with the blue label) as well as the new bottle (bigger one with the green label) if you do find any with the old design the dry/damaged one is a red label!! Anyway I really hope somehow I can find some more old formula bottles! If not I may have to do some shampoo testing again and see if by chance I can find something else I really like! But I have always loved my Pantene!

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  1. I am guessing at this point that if anyone does have the old bottles, they are most likely past the expiration date. Have you tried Herbal Essences? I like that line. Stinks to run out of your favorite stuff, but I bet you can find another brand you'll like--the rotten part is spending the time and money to find it.