Sunday, September 13, 2009

No Eggs....

I meant to post this one a long time ago... I have saved this box for quite awhile in order to post it and tonight I finally took pictures and am ready to write my story.... so one day (prob after Halloween last year since it is about that size candy box) I was eating some Sugar Babies. I don't really remember why but I was reading the side of the box.The edges of the box where you open it, it only says Sugar Babies. Than the front and back on the large sides also says Sugar Babies and has the picture. Than on the other two edges one talks about where they were manufactured Tootsie Rolls Industries... etc... than the last side has the ingredient listing. Of course sugar, corn syrup etc... all the normal junk you would find in candy that you probably shouldn't be eating. Than at the very bottom qiote randomly if you ask me it says "Egg may be present" now as I said it is a small box probably from Halloween so I did some measuring and took some pictures to show you what I found.... It's just my opinion and observation but I don't think an egg would fit in the box! :)

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