Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Conversation with a 3 year old

I was in the kitchen telling my mom about going to the Hollywood Bowl on Sat... this is what happened.... it may be a little bit off from the actualy conversation but you get the idea.. my nephew is so darn cute sometimes!

Me: Mom I am going to the Hollywood Bowl on Sat with S and a dozen other people to see a John Williams concert.

Mom: Are you sitting in the grass?

Me: I don't know where we are sitting.

Mom: You can usually bring a picnic lunch

Me: Yeah S said to bring a picnic meal and sweater because it gets kinda cold sometimes

Mom: I don't know how cold it will get

Elijah: (3 years old) my mommy got tickets

Me: She did?

Elijah: Yup

Me: Ok I will see you there than

Elijah: Mommy get you tickets

Me: Oh she got me a ticket too?

Elijah: Yup, two tickets

Me: Oh she got me two tickets? So I can bring a date than?

Elijah: Yup

Me: Ok good, will you be my date than?

Elijah: Yup

WOOHOO I have a date!

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