Thursday, September 3, 2009

About me, and my room....

Well I was just reading through some of my friends blogs and I realized even though I have posted twice this week they weren't much about my life! Things are a little crazy for me> I guess they generally are but maybe it's a little more so than normal right now. I don't recall whether or not I ever posted anything about it but there are currently 10 people living in my house! Half of which are kids... ages 11, almost 7 , almost 4, 3, and 17 months. During the day from Tues- Fri from 8-5 there is also a 8 month old.... so of course things can be a little loud and hectic. School started last week which is nice because it means the 11 and 6 year old are gone most of the day. So that's a bonus. But during the summer look out for fights. Well look out for them still. in the mornings, in the evenings and basically any other time there is more than one kid present in a room at a time!

Luckily I do still have my own room. It is usually kind of a refuge for me. I can read, I can go online to chat with friends, I can email and blog and occasionally I even watch TV or a movie, my music is available to me. Basically I can do anything I want in my own room... well even that depends. I have to usually ask myself a couple questions before any of that comes true.... 1) did I remember to lock my door when I came into my room? 2) Even if I did lock my door was I noticed to have left and come in here? I frequently get visitors to my room, they knock and knock and tell me to let them in. If I don't answer they don't always go away. If it's an adult they just use the key outside (hanging out of reach of children on my door) to open it. Or I find little tiny fingers wiggling under the door. Sometimes I let them in. Other times I ignore them. Sometimes I tell them to go away and they cry but eventually I have peace again. Such is my room!

Anyone who knows me well or for any length of time, usually also knows I am a frequent furniture mover. I like to re-arrange my bedroom furniture somewhat frequently. If it wasn't for my knee injury it would happen a lot more than it currently does. Well I had finally gotten to a point a month or so ago where I couldn't take it anymore and I switched it. But with the desk I had I was having difficulty finding a good furniture layout in my room. It was annoying but I made it kinda work. I wasn't completely happy with it but I was content because it was a change and it worked. But in the meanwhile I have been looking for desks if I drive by a garage sale. I have been wanting to go to the good will and see what I could find. I wanted to find a desk that was not a corner desk so that it would open up options for my room. I started looking on craigslist. Well the other night I finally found one within a reasonable price $20 in Thousand Oaks so it was close enough to get as well. It was small like I wanted (for space) and even has a hutch/shelf on top which was a nice addition because it gives me a space for my printer. So last night I got a new desk and did a slight rearrangement to my room. I am still kinda re-organizing now and looking for space for some of the desk stuff from before since I have a little less storage room now but I am overall really happy with my new/used desk! Woohoo. Maybe I will post a picture sometime! I gotta finish the organizing first :-)

I have been sick for over a week now. It started last week on like Mon or Tues as what seemed to be a sinus infection. By Fri I was coughing and occasionally sneezing. The sinus is mostly clear now but it's been nearly a week (Thurs) and I am still coughing! I really hate it! I am almost debating going to the Dr to get checked. Maybe it would be good because I can get some cough syrup, do they still give prescriptions for the bubble gum stuff? At least I am not waking up with the phlegm anymore! Yuck! I just can't seem to ditch the cough though!

I cannot believe I am turning 30 this month! I have mixed feelings about it really. I do have a lot of friends near my age as well as some younger and a couple that are a little older. But generally I feel kinda on the old side. I know 30 is not old but it's hard to imagine I am going to be 30 since I pictured my life a lot different than it is right now. I imagined being married and starting a family. I imagined being debt free or a lot closer than I currently am. I guess being on disability and unemployment don't help much with that. I know that those things will come and I know I have to be patient I guess it's just hard when something like a 30th birthday is coming up quicker than you expected!

I applied last week for the California Highway Patrol. I am hoping to hear back soon that I get to test for a dispatcher position. I am really hopeful and excited for this potential opportunity. It would be really great in my life right now. It is a full time job with really great benefits. It is a desk job, so my knee could continue to heal and it pays well so I would ideally be able to get out of debt a lot quicker. Than maybe I could find a place of my own. The only downside I can see for now is the application process. It is a timely process. I have applied to test, the final filing date for testing was today. than if accepted to test the test will be in Oct or Nov. Than from there depending on the score of the test I would be put on an eligibility list. Than based on that list they do interviews and what have you. Than I think maybe an orientation and then if I am liked I go into a background check. Which is all a waiting game! So it's a great opportunity but depending on the time for each step I may not be hired for several months still. So I have also applied for the city of Santa Barbara, and have been looking online for other options within the dispatch world. I found an ambulance company in the valley I may apply for, as well as life alert. So I guess my options are not completely limited but I would love to be in dispatch so that I can still feel like an EMT in some sense!

Well I think for now that is my update! I hope this finds all my readers well! Life is crazy but I do love a good roller coaster so it's worth it right??


  1. Glad that desk is working for you, and I hope you get that job. That would be a great job for you.

  2. HA! When I was reading your post about your room I started to remember that old operator board you used to have when we were kids! I used to love that. Good luck on your test!