Thursday, September 3, 2009

Finding Prince Charming

I had another fun converstion with Elijah again today. This is what happened this time, Elijah was in the playpen which is currently filled with toys, I was sitting in the recliner nearby. He found a frog stuffed animal....

Me: If I kiss that frog will he turn into my Prince Charming?

Elijah: Yeah

Me: Can I try?

Elijah: Yeah

...he tossed me the frog

... I kissed the frog and nothing happened

Me: It didn't work, where is my Prince Charming?

Elijah: In the TV

Me: He is in the TV? How do I get him out?

Elijah:Go in the TV and get him

Me: How do I go in the TV?

Elijah: Oh (and he looked at me as if he was thinking "Good Question" Than he kind of laughed and said "go in the TV"

1 comment:

  1. He is way cute. When are you going to go in the tv? :o)