Monday, August 9, 2010

Long Vacation

Ok I was lying on my bed just now thinking about how I am going to rearrange my room (yes again) and my nephew comes running down the hall and as he went into the bathroom  this was our conversation:

Elijah: (while runnning into bathroom) We're gonna go on a long vacation because we have lots of work to do!

Me: Really? Who is going on a long vacation?
Elijah: Mommy and me because we got a lot of work to do!
Me: Where are you going on vacation to?
Elijah: All the way to Walmart!
Me: All the way to Walmart?
Elijah: Yeah
Me: And what kind of work do you have to do on vacation?
Elijah: Tie up the bad guys, because we have a lot of work to do!
Me: Wow
Elijah: Wanna go on vacation?

.... this all transpired as he was peeing and I was lying on my bed. Wow that's going to be a long vacation and some hard work! There sure are a lot of bad guys! I hope he has enough rope to tie them up! Maybe that's why the vacation is at Walmart??