Monday, August 9, 2010

Too healthy???

So on Fri I went to the appointment at Dr Billy's office. It was interesting. I really felt comfortable there. Everyone was really friendly and telling me good luck etc. It was nice. I noticed a few other people come in that were part f teh top 20 as well (because they were given the contest rules etc like I was) and they didn't (to me) seem as friendly with the staff. Nor did I notice the staff offer them congrats like they did me. Anyway I met with the nurse and then Dr Billy, then got an EKG. At one point the nurse told me that other than my knee stuff I am fairly healthy. Dr Billy made a comment about how nothing I had said would determine whether I made it to the top 5. He said most of the time the difference between #5 and # 6 is nothing. But they have to choose. Then the top 5 have to do radio stuff etc and the winner is chosen by the voting public. He was really nice but kinda made me feel as if I was lying about the small changes I have already been trying to make. He made it seem like I just eat all the time and don't realize it etc. He was like "I am sure if I followed yu around for a month I would see you eating for no reason and not making right choices....yadda yadda yadda" .... ok I never said I am perfect and I didn't say I always make the right choices. Obviously I didn't get to be this way because I eat carrots all the time and never have a candy bar. But when I said I am ready to make the changes I meant it.

Anyway I did not get a phone call that night. :-( I did get an email telling me I wasn't chosen for the top 5 at this time. :-( so it doesn't mean its over for me. I still intend to do all I can. I know I am not perfect but I know that I CAN do this. I can lose weight and keep it off. I have already started trying to implement small changes and I will continue to do so. I will continue to do what walking I can for exercise and to really watch my food intake. Either him or the nurse made a comment that my metabolic rate is good, and that it is possible for me to do it. So I will and I will show Dr Billy I don't need him or this contest. That it doesn't matter if he stalks me I can still lose weight! I won't give up! If he was right and that it had nothing to do with what I had to say in the "interview" portions I have determined I must just be too healthy. Maybe that is what the difference between number 5 and number 6 is. Maybe I was number 6... but number 5 has more health issues that can only be resolved with the weight loss. Maybe because as of right now (knock on wood) I don't have the hypertension (high blood pressure) or diabetes or other health/weight related issues that is why I wasn't chosen. But I do need to make the changes in my life now so that I don't get those issues! I will do my best. Not just for me but for my family and especially for my future family! Life does go on even without weight loss surgery! WEight loss still happens without it too!

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