Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Journey Marie

Journey Marie

We see someone so tiny
And yet who is so strong
A beautiful person indeed
We’ve waited for you so long

You’re here with us now
We smile to have you near
Heavenly Father strengthens us somehow
As we wait to hold you dear

You’re a blessing in disguise
A fighter all along
Your strength opens our eyes
You’re helping us all stay strong

You don’t deserve this struggle
Its one you’ll overcome
Get through the NICU “bubble”
Come share in life’s great fun

Life isn’t always easy
You’ve had to learn so young
Continue to get stronger
Because its here you do belong

In life you’ll have more trials
There is a lot you’ll learn and do
Remember to always smile
We’re here to smile with you

You’re starting out so small
But yet are loved by so many
Someday you’ll stand so tall
In you we found a lucky penny

You’re a Daughter of God
God loves you so
Remember to keep Him close
Don’t ever let Him go

You’re in our hearts
We’re praying for you
With such a rough start
Its all we can do

Stay strong little one
Fight hard everyday
This race will be won
As you grow day by day

Listen to the doctors
Though you may not understand
Listen to the doctors
Do everything you can

We will be here waiting
Praying day by day
Each update keeps us saying
“She’s going to be ok”

Life is not always this hard
There’ll be much fun for you too
You’ll learn someday to play cards
We’ll see animals at the zoo

Keep fighting little Journey
We’re here fighting for you too
Heavenly Father has a plan
He’s going to see it through

Its ok to cry, we’re crying too
Life is full of adventures
We want to share with you
So Journey please do all you can do

We won’t stop praying
We’ll love you forever
Someday we’ll teach you the saying
We never say never

We know you will overcome
This fight is temporary
Someday you’ll play and run
And dress up like a princess or a fairy

This poem is all wrong
My words don’t show my complete emotion
An angel like you deserves a song
That’s heard from ocean to ocean

So stay in the fight
We’ll fight too
Its going to be alright
We’ll always love you!

Renee L Conaway