Saturday, October 9, 2010

Speaking Spanish

Ok so one day my nephews were in my room with me (pretty common occurence) and Isaiah (who is 2 1/2) starts jabbering nonsense. It was kinda like dipdipdipdipdip over and over again just random noises. So I turned to talk to him...this is how the conversation went.....

Me: Isiaih I don't understand what you're saying
Elijah: (who is now 4!!) That's because its spanish
Me: He speaks Spanish!!?!!?!
Elijah: Yeah
Me: How did he learn spanish?
Elijah: From me and from Aldo (Deann's hispanic ex-boyfriend who is staying here)
Me: You speak spanish too??
Elijah: Yeah (kinda giggle/laughing)
Me: How do you say hello in spanish?
Elijah: Hello spanish!
Me: How do you say goodbye in spanish?
Elijah: Goodbye spanish
Me: Now you're being silly! What does Hola Amigo mean?
Elijah: la-ago (trying to repeat hola amigo)


a few hours later.....


Me: Grandma did you know Elijah and Isaiah know how to speak spanish?
Grandma: They do??
Elijah: Laughing--- No!!!!
Me: But you said earlier you do!
Elijah: continually laughing---- he doesn't respond but with the laughter!