Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update on Fish...

My tank with the nighttime blue light on! You can kind of see some of the white about 2 1/2 month old fish in the picture. Although they're kind of blurry and at the top is the breeder box with the babies in it. On the back wall is an oxygen tubing thing and also where the water comes down from the filter so that's why its kinda full of bubbles and not super clear to see.

Well I figured I need to update about my growing number of fish. As I was finishing my last blog about the camera tragedy I was planning to blog about my fish. Then I was thirsty so I decided to go get a drink. As I went towards the kitchen I realized the day light was still on the fish tank. So I leaned down and as I was reaching into the cabinet to turn off the light I noticed a small white something in the tank. I quickly identified it as a dead fry! I thought oh man someone is having babies again! But I have been watching my fish and none looked especially pregnant lately. Not even the silver molly anymore. But she had undergone some trauma recently. (I had some serious cloudy tank issues that are finally resolved and in that time trying to clear the water I put a pump in there hoping to help the circulation so that the filter could work better, I didn't realize that the pump was super power and she got sucked in, but survived) I then noticed over in another spot of the tank what looked like an underdeveloped egg. I knew it was true! There was a fish having underdeveloped babies! Or was miscarrying them! I didn't know which one it was. None looked "boxed" like they get before birth, the mickey mouse platies had been chilling in the bottom of the plants lately but they both looked extremely skinny to be having babies. The silver molly didn't look boxy by any means and she also had her anal fin out which I had read they bring in for birthing. So I had no clue who it was.

My mom had gone to bed not too long before so I went in to tell her someone was having babies! She got out of bed which i told her she didn't need to do.  So her and my dad (he has to be involved and "supervise" everything,but he doesn't usually help much) came out and they were kind watching the mickey's thinking it was one of them and I was still suspicious of silver molly. Then I saw it happen I saw a fry "pop" out of her and knew she was the one! So I got the breeder ready, got my net and actually fairly easily got her into it. I was surprised how easy it was considering the size of the tank and how she is kinda too big for that net. But I didn't really use the net but to guide her to where I could put the breeder up under her. Within a few seconds of "catching" her there was another egg sack in the bottom of the breeder. I knew I had my girl! I am not sure if the fry I saw her birth was alive or not but I can't really catch it in that big of a tank either way so it'll have to either survive (be tough little fry) on its own in the plants or will be defeated (if its even alive) So it will be interesting to see how many more babies we may end up with. But it looks like maybe she is stressed or ill or something since so far I have only seen egg sacks and a few dead fry from her. I don't know if she will have any viable babies.

In the meanwhile my other 38 babies are doing well. They are still fairly tiny. The ones that are about 2 months old are getting pretty big. They are not full size yet but they are growing. We still have the 8 white ones and only 2 of the black ones. The black ones are still reasonably smaller than the white ones but they're hanging tough! Only a couple of the white ones have spots on them. The babies are kinda grayish still but a few look like they may be spotted. Or will be anyway. Let me get my ghetto camera and get some recent pictures to post for ya! Ok so I got the camera and was taking some pictures when I noticed a fry. He was swimming! I was excited. But then I learned although I was hoping he would be tough I learned he was more of a dare devil. I saw him, and I saw him trying to get back to the safety of the plants then I saw him get eaten alive! Not even by one of the fully grown fish either! It was by one of the 2 month old ones! He was actually attacked simultaneously by 2 of them but only one got to enjoy the treat! I was taking some pictures and trying to get some comparison shots of the white ones with an adult one and the little black ones (who I will remind you are only 2 days younger than the white ones) next to the white ones. But they were not swimming cooperatively. So I will have to see what pictures I got that are worth posting. I also took some of the babies to show you their tiny-ness! As I was photographing I decided to check somewhere else for my Moms camera too. I found it so I made the switch! I would rather use her 8.2mp one than the ghetto 4mp one! :-) ooohh and I just discovered her battery does come out! It was kinda hidden! So I can purchase an extra one to have on hand! Woohoo! So I am uploading pictures to the computer now and then I will see the quality and if I got anything good to post! Oh so i should also mention that I added a pleco to the tank. (and algae eater) and in the bedroom goldfish tank I am down to just 4 survivors! So its still kinda too many for the 10gal tank but its better than 11!

This first picture in the bottom right corner is one of the 2 little black fish.
This is a black one swimming slightly behind the white one who is about 2 days older.
Here is the full size adult dalmation molly swimming behind the approx 2 week old babies. It may be hard to tell but they are quite a bit bigger than their birth size!

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