Saturday, June 5, 2010

Journey Of Friends

Ok so awhile ago I wrote a poem. I wrote it in a red ink pen (and made a few changes in pencil) on a small sheet of paper. I am not sure when I wrote it because I never signed or dated my small piece of paper. In fact I am not sure who I wrote it about, but from the wording I clearly wrote it with someone particular in mind. The thing that makes me sad is the person obviuously had a positive influence on me at the time, but yet I cannot remember who it is now. I think I might know but can't get my own confirmation that the person I am thinking of was the person who influenced it for sure.... I do have several friends that it actually could be about in a long term sense of the poem though. SO maybe it was a poem written with a compilation of friends in mind. I have so many great friends and examples around me constantly! I am so blessed in that part of my life!

I cannot remember when I was using a regular red ink pen or when I had small pieces of paper the particular size it was written on. Anyway I was going through some papers I came across in my room last night and found this poem. I read through it a couple times and decided not to make any changes to it. I don't have the actual written date or approx date for it so I went ahead and wrote 2010 since I like dating my work. I also hadn't titled it. I decided I like "Journey Of Friends" I think it fits. Anyway since awhile ago I decided to start adding all my poetry, (not that I write it frequently) to my blog so here is my latest (yet older) piece of work!

JOURNEY OF FRIENDSYour eyes sparkle like stars at night.
The glow of your face is like a beautiful pale moonlight.
The warmth of your smile is like the sun at midday.
You light up a room in every way.

There’s safety in your hugs.
I feel like I’m “snug as a bug”
Your friendship gives me comfort,
It helps me overcome lifes hurts.

When you are nearby there’s music everywhere.
Such a beautiful tune, I’ve no reason to fear.
You let me be myself, no need to pretend.
This feeling you give me, shall never end

How you’ve inspired me to grow.
I’m afraid you’ll never know.
When doing bigger and better things
You’ve shown me what love can bring.

You gave me a new start.
When you opened my heart.
You taught me to look and to see.
You made me appreciate what I can be.

My road ahead will be hard to follow.
I’ll continue traveling with each new tomorrow.
When I feel as if I’ve had enough
I know you taught me to remain tough.

I’m never turning back
You put me on the right track
I’m praying for eternity
Someday it will come for both you and me

I’m thankful for you
For all we’ve been through
When this journey ends
Eternally we’ll always be friends

Renee L Conaway


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  1. Hmm, sounds like a poem about a boy, if you ask me... ;o)