Thursday, May 20, 2010

A minor tragedy

  Well I am a photographer. Ok not professionally and maybe not always that good at it. But I love to take pictures. I love to have pictures on my walls and to remember fun times with friends and family through those pictures. I love to photograph nature (flowers, birds, sunsets, the waves at the beach etc) IO also for some reason love to photograph flags blowing in the wind! I will stop the car in random locations because something looks fun to stand by, or for a funny sign. I have my camera with me constantly and extra batteries just in case! I don't leave home without it! I love to take pictures!
   Well on Thurs afternoon my nephew was not being very nice. He was not listening and was not behaving. I was trying to punish him. He did not like that. Well then my dad said he was going to "veto" my punishing him because he was crying and screaming. At that point I had put him into the crib, which he likely could've crawled out of. I had tried to go into the room and see if he was ready to talk about having been in trouble and he blew me off, so I left him there. Anyway like I said my dad disagreed with my handling of the punishment. It escalated (not going to go into all the details) but I got pretty upset, took my nephew out of the crib put on some shoes grabbed my purse and keys and left the house. I was in tears and not in any mood to go back home. I drove around the corner and parked in the church parking lot. I shed some tears, said a prayer and just kinda sat there for awhile. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go to the park and read scriptures. If I wanted to call a friend to hang out or what my plan was going to be. I knew though that I was not going home any time soon. Finally I decided to go to the beach. I texted a friend who was going to be off work soon and invited her to join me. She said yes. So I picked her up and we were on the road. It was nice to have someone to talk to who wasn't going to judge me or hold any contempt against my dad either. I needed some simple support and that she gave! It was nice! So we drove, taking various routes just for fun and not really sure where we wanted to get dinner we just kinda drove around. We ate than went to a spot to park. By this time it was almost sunset. We walked down to the water and took some pictures. When it started getting closer to the setting of the sun we sat and watched. We watched the birds flying and joked about them dive-bombing into the water. After the sun was gone and it started getting colder we decided we should go. As we excited the sand and got back into the parking lot area my feet were uncomfortable so I wanted to put on my shoes. I had them in my hand and dropped them. Well in the meanwhile I managed to drop my camera too! I picked it up dusted it off and put it into my pocket.
     Later as I was wanting to take a picture of something in a store we were in my camera lens wouldn't open when I turned it on. I was thinking it was the battery as it would do that sometimes when the batteries were low. I changed the battery pack and it still wouldn't work. Nor with a third pack. I was kind of bummed! Although at the time I didn't think about the fact I had dropped my camera in the parking lot! It wasn't until a few days later that I remembered that little detail! After I had recharged the battery packs and it still wouldn't open. The light would come on and it would start to go but not completely open or turn on! I tried brand new batteries and it still wouldn't work! SO I went for several days without a camera! I tried to grab it a few times too then sadly remembered its tragic end! The worst part is I knew it was getting temperamental but I knew I couldn't afford to replace it yet so I was waiting. I also had told my friend that evening at the beach that once I did replace it she could have it. She has no camera so even a temperamental one is better than none at all. Now I cannot still pass it on!
     So tragically I still cannot afford a replacement yet. :-( I wasn't sure what I was going to do. My mom offered to let me use hers but then I reminded her I keep mine with me at all times and she might need it from time to time. So its nice knowing when I have something specific I can use hers but I still need one for myself! I then had a thought. When I got this particular camera it was an upgrade for an older camera. I still have that camera in storage. So the other day I went and retrieved the old camera. Hoping it would still work.
  It does. Its definitely older. Its only a 4 mega pixel instead of my 12mp! Instead of the 2.7" display screen or whatever size it is, its only got like a tiny 1inch screen or so. Maybe 1.5 its small none the less! There is not a 5xoptical and 5x digital zoom. But it does zoom a little bit. Oh and it weighs twice as much and is pretty clunky! Its kinda ghetto camera! But it works! So I am thankful for that! At least it doesn't require film still! :-) I was telling my mom how ghetto it is. She offered to let me use hers and leave that one here for her to use since she has her phone camera and doesn't take as many pictures as I do. Than I can use hers until we get me a replacement. But I am not sure where her camera is to switch them out. Maybe once I find it I will do that though! It will be nice to have a decent camera to use again! Hers doesn't have replaceable batteries though. Once it's low I have to charge the camera itself. So that's the only bummer part! I will never know how long it will last!

Ok update on the camera situation.... I found my mom's camera and decided to make the switch. Then as I was hooking it up to upload the pictures to the computer I found the battery in it! It does come out which means I can buy a replacement and have an extra one to take with me! Woohoo! Maybe I won't have to replace my camera so soon after all! Hers is an 8.2 mp which is better than the 4mp ghetto one! and its tiny with a decent size screen for viewing/editing etc! Yeah! Thanks Mom! I will have to tell her I made the switch!

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