Saturday, May 8, 2010


GOOD NEWS!!! I got a job! A little over a month ago my friend Laura called me, she was at work in Ventura and one of her regular customers "G" was there. He asked her if she knew anyone who might be interested in working on-call status in the hospital to admit patients. She called me. I said definitely. She told me she would have him call me, but instead she called me back about 10 min later and told me I had an interview the next morning! Woohoo! So I went to the interview that Fri morning. It went really well and "G" told me that Patsy would call me Mon morning and likely do a phone interview and that he was sure she would like me and would start the paperwork for me to be hired. So Mon rolled around and I didn't get a call, but then on Mon night I had a couple girls over and we were watching a movie and just hanging out. Laura stopped by to pick something up and she asked me if I heard anything. I told her no that they said Patsy would call but I hadn't gotten called yet. She told me G had been back into the restaurant and told her I got the job. So I continued waiting for the call. Finally on Fri afternoon I got a call from Human resources and was asked to come in and fill out new hire paperwork. Then I had to wait 3 days for a "background check" and after that I had to do blood work and a urine test and a TB test etc. SO I did all that.
 I started last week. There is another girl who started the same day as I did. Her name is Raegina. She is also going to be on-call status and she told me how hard it was to be hired and how she had several interviews and all kinds of stuff. I felt kinda bad saying I only had one and hadn't even applied yet when I did that interview.
  So for the job we are doing ER admitting, front desk admitting (surgeries, labor and delivery etc) lab admitting, and will also be in the PBX, which is the hospital phone operator. We also collect money for bills and co-pays etc.  So far I have done the front office admitting, the PBX and just observed for a few hours in the ER last week. Rae has done ER mostly and observed a little in PBX and up front.  I love it so far! I really hope things go well enough and that they like me and decide to make me more permanent. So that way I know I will get more hours as well as benefits! But I don't want to go into it too much ! But I really do love the job so far! I still really miss being on the ambulance but maybe I will eventually be able to go into the ER as an EMT and work there...we shall see what time will bring! Anyway I am so happy! I got my first paycheck today! It was nice! I have to pay bills now, give some to my mom and I bought some scrubs for work. We can wear scrubs but unfortunately they can only be solid blue. I don't get to have fun with the designs...oh well at least I will be comfy when working!

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