Friday, November 14, 2008

Going to the Temple

It amazes me how in spite of the vote of the people in CA there is still protesting going on because of Prop 8. It hurts me to know that mostly the No people are choosing to target the LDS community. THere has been 2 days since the election that the Temple has had to close because of it. I heard the new Temple President speak in church on Sun. He just started his calling as Temple President on the 1st. Then on the 6th the LAPD asked him to close the doors because they knew there would be protesting there. He said at first his response was "no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing" he then thought he should call Salt Lake about it. He spoke with someone in the Temple whatever section and they said the same thing, but then they said "let me check with the leaders and call you back" he did and they said that President Brimhall should follow the advice of the LAPD. But he also shared a moment about how when he and sister Brimhall were set apart during the blessing they were promised that the L A Temple would be "an ensign to the nations" and during his first week within the presidency that was happening already. The Temple has been all over the news. He said there was minimal damage done to the Temple, mostly it was graffitti on the wall of the fence around the perimeter that was painted over without difficulty. But then yesterday they said on the news that both the LA and Salt Lake temples were evacuated. They said that the Temple received a suspicious envelope containing white powder and they were considering it to be a hazmat situation. It made me cry. I think it is incredible how people can say they are fighting for equality that they want to be treated as equals and yet they disrespect everyone who opposes their views! I really don't think it proves their point much at all.

In the past several weeks where I have not been able to go to the Temple (I had to take a medical leave of absence due to the knee injury) it has really been sad for me! I miss going and serving in the House of the Lord so much! The peace found within is like nowhere else on earth! What a blessing it is for us to have the Temples so readily available to us! I am greatful for that! I am excited that tonight I get to go to the Temple for our stake day! I know it will be amazing to be there again! I just hope that we don't have to be evacuated! It is truely a sad day when people fighting for freedoms take away the freedoms of others!

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