Thursday, October 13, 2016

A true friend

I'm not myself when you're around
You lift my feet up off the ground
You help me spread my wings to fly
Set my goals within the sky
I really don't know what to say
I'm becoming a new person each new day
It's like you're some kind of glue
I feel like I'm sick attracted to you
I don't know where this is going
I wonder if I'd be happy knowing
You've brought my life a new light
Each time we talk my smile is bright
Being your friend is a blessin'
Teaching me many a lesson
Helping me come out of my shell
Feeling like you already know me too well
Since we've been brought together
My life has surely gotten better
I feel like I can tell you anything
I find the joy you always bring
You've been a treasured friend to me
A better friend than I deserve you to be
I hope to be the same to you
For you deserve a good friend too
In this crazy life we live
We can take,  but we should give
A comforting hug,  or a friendly smile
A treasured moment that lasts awhile
I'm thankful for the friend I have in you
Without your kindness what would I do?
It hasn't been long that we've been friends
I hope it's something that never ends
You are you,  and I am me
A friend like you,  I hope to be
Who finds the good in all you know
Lifting up friends to help them grow
Your example is a shining one
Like the brightness of the sun
You're my friend and I'm glad that's true
I hope I'm a better friend because of you

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