Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A tiny seed

A tiny seed
Becomes a weed, flower, or tree
A tiny seed
Grows inside of me
I don't know what will blossom
I don't know what will bloom
The seed of faith is awesome
It will grow if given room
The seed grows differently
For you,  than for me
You may have a strong oak tree
I may only have a daisy
Does that mean your faith is stronger?
Or that mine is no longer?
That's the thing about faith
You can't really judge it's place
We're all God's creations
The big and the small
From the tiny daisy
To the oak tree so tall
Some faith may fill an ocean
Some faith may fill a pond
What matters is devotion
To the power from beyond
Our faith is always changing
When watered it will grow
The size of a tree or daisy
Only heavenly Father knows
My faith may seem hidden
Or buried down inside
It doesn't mean I've given
Into foolish pride
Maybe it's just mine
Or shadowed by design
I know I have great faith
I know that you do too
Please don't judge my faith
I promise i won't judge you.

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