Monday, March 14, 2016

Kiss You At the Gate

I saw you standing at the gate
I wanted to run and kiss you again
We'd already said our goodbyes
I thought you had already gone inside
Then you were there, looking at me
I thought, "Should I do it?"
What would he think?
I thought I would go for it
Ready to run
I reached for my buckle
The moment begun
Then you waved and turned around
The moment had passed
I hesitated too long
I imagined the moment as it were a song
I thought of these lines
I wanted to kiss you at the gate
A moment of hesitation, now I'm too late
So instead here's a poem
Written just for you
A moment sometimes is all we get
Don't hesitate for it goes by quick
Life is but a dream

Renee L Conaway

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