Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My first love...

So I am a few days late in this post, but I have been thinking about it and what I would write for at least a week prior to Valentines Day. I had even considered writing it in advance and waiting to post Saturday, but didn't get a moment to do that either. I wanted to start it basically how my Facebook status was on Saturday. This is what my status said:

One year ago today i lost the first man I ever loved. The one who let out my "air" at the grocery stores. The one who taught me to ride a bike, and drive a car, he taught me how to fix the car too. He took me to the drag races, fishing, and camping. He took me father/daughter square dancing and didn't get upset when I found it boring and wanted to go home. He was proud of me and bragged about my accomplishments. He taught me how to repair things and defend myself. He defended our country and will always be my hero! I can't believe how time flies! Miss you like crazy Dad!

It was a day of mixed emotions. It's a day dedicated to love and we were honoring the love of someone we lost. We did a family and close friends get together at Denise and Neals house. We had home made salsa and guacamole. We had carne asada, tortillas and chips and snacks and dessert. We did puzzles and hung out. It was nice. In fact it wasn't as hard as I expected and we all got along without arguing. It was really nice. We had a great day. Later in the evening after some people left, those of us still there sat around the fire pit and chatted. That was when we really got to talking about dad a bit. Joking about things he said or did. We shared stories and enjoyed the time. Then we got into an hour long conversation about farts and fart stories! Not your traditional table conversations but it ended up being a lot of fun! My family rocks! (& stinks ironically...jk)

Another thing I thought about recently regarding my dad was how he would complain whenever we would cook tortillas straight on the burner at the house. Almost every time he would holler "who's burning what" a couple Sunday's ago I stopped by my moms house after church. Nobody was there but I needed to pick something up. WHile there I had a craving for a tortilla with some cheese. That's what triggered that memory.  It made me smile remembering Dad from that! Then when I was almost done Deann's boyfriend came in and said "oh that's what's burning" and I said "nothing is burning" to which he responded "smells like something is burning" ... it was almost like Dad was there again. (I had thought about dad saying it BEFORE Jason came in, but without telling him Dad used to say that, it made me smile)

I'm sure there are many more memories to share, and maybe over time I will continue to post about them. After all I don't want to forget them and then I can share them with my kids one day. I will share one more thing though, since not everyone will know what I meant in my status that my dad "let my air out at grocery stores"  when I was younger and I think still sitting within the shopping cart.  My dad decided it would be funny to put his hand on my stomach and remove it. When he would remove it he would make a "shhhhhhh
" type sound like the sound of air coming out of a tire, plastic bag etc.... you know the sound like when a beach ball has a leak? Something along those lines. Then he would put his hand back and stop making the sound. So I thought I was leaking! When he removed his hand completely I started covering my own hole because i was afraid, even to the point of crying! (yeah yeah we all know I am a big crybaby anyway so that's not really surprising) but it did freak me out back in the day. Now I can look back on it and smile and maybe one day I should try it on my nephews (although they may be too old and smart to fall for it, but I will have kids of my own one day still)

Another quick story we talked about was when my dad was teaching us to drive. He would roll down the window and have his hand outside. Then when you would stop, or turn a corner or park in a stall etc he would smack the car door, the roof etc, whatever part of the car was within reach, depending on how he had his hand positioned at the time and scream "what was that" or "what'd you hit" or something along those lines to make you think you had hit something! It wasn't funny and luckily over time we caught on, so when he continued to try and do it later on in our driving years we no longer fell for it!

Well that's my stories for tonight. I miss my dad terribly and my Uncle Kenneth too (it was the 6 month mark from losing him) it's been hard on us all, especially mom and Aunt Nancy. But I am thankful for my family and friends who are around me. I am thankful for love and support and especially for the gospel in my life. I know that it's what has gotten me through all my trials last year and even this year so far! Life goes on and one day I will get to see my Dad again!

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  1. Hey girl, so, your dad was awesome, I miss him too. Whose going to call Velvetta' and the say 'Oh, it's you again. Trouble maker'...something along those lines. I remember the last time I saw your dad was just when I had lost my job. I wasn't feeling all that well and we were hanging out at Denise's house. It was beautifully decorated. And your dad, was decorated or he had decorated himself, which is normal with some sort of Christmas thing. That was fun. I miss you guys. Your dad will always be remembered. Love ya girl! Take care. *hugs*