Thursday, January 17, 2013


I never imagined I’d have all this doubt
Who said that this is what life is all about?
Many people are living their wildest dreams,
Some days, I just want to scream
I really feel I’m doing by best
But I have to wonder, will I pass “the test”
I give it my all
Winter, summer, spring and fall
When all is said and done
Will I be here, or want to run?
Sometimes in times of strife,
Traveling gravel on the road of life
I get to the fork, and turn to the right
And I wonder, is this the path of light?
I live everyday for having fun
Looking for the good in everyone
I know that this is my eternal role
But am I reaching my potential goal?
I plan to keep traveling
I’ll never stop trying
I know I’ll cross the finish line
Then eternity will be mine
I’ll live with my loved ones
In celestial glory, bright as the sun
So when I’m stuck on a bad road
I’ll do what I can to lighten my load
Reach out to my Father, up in heaven
A blessing I’ll get along with a lesson
He gives me the strength
When I put forth my hand he extends the length
I grow close to my Savior, it’s easy to do
In studying scriptures and praying too
So on my road of gravel and doubt
He shows me what life is really about
Sure there are trials and lessons to learn
Ill ignite my fire and feel the burn
It’s not up to me to do all alone
He’s leading me back to His glorious throne.
So with a smile I’ll start each new day
Head out the door and be on my way.
Looking far beyond the doubt
Discovering this IS what life is about!

Renee L Conaway

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