Friday, January 4, 2013


I check your desk, when you may be there
You make me smile when you’re near
You’ve made me feel better about myself
Reminding me I’m not lost on the shelf

We’ve hugged and it makes me smile
So close, yet separated by a mile
You have such a big heart it’s unbelievable
You have a girlfriend so you’re untouchable

I don’t know what I’d do
If you were available too
I’d probably still wish and wonder
About the spell I’m under

When you told me I looked beautiful
The joy I felt was wonderful
You continue to surprise me
By reminding me who I can be

I yearn to be a better person
One who can be certain
The guy she loves will love her too
Too bad it’s not untouchable you

You give me compliments I don’t know how to take
I say thanks, and pinch myself to see if I’m awake
The little things you notice and mention,
It’s hard, because I’m not used to the attention

Someday I hope to find a guy like you
Someone who’s cute and full of kindness too
Someone who makes me see how life can be
Someone who notices the beauty hidden inside of me

I would never cross an untouchable line
Instead I will wait until my time
When someone like me, finds someone like you
Then he and I will be untouchable too

Renee L Conaway

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